“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an act of rebellion.”  — George Orwell

Dear Friend,

“Little” white lies? 
Hidden surveillance?  Out-of-control wars?

What’s putting our basic freedoms at risk?

It’s secrecy and deceit.  And secret societies are corrupt societies.

Are we in Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction?  Or weapons of mass deception?
Osama bin Laden was wanted — “dead or alive.”  Until he got away.  Then it was all about getting Saddam Hussein.
Orwellian newspeak?  Or something worse?



Joan Claybrook, Public Citizen President

Joan Claybrook
Public Citizen


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Bush is lying.  And people are dying.

It’s the new Bush Secrecy Doctrine:   

Since his earliest days in office, President Bush tightened the government’s hold on information by  

 ·        Limiting public scrutiny of government activities …
 ·        Making expansive assertions of executive privilege …
 ·        Enforcing restrictions on the Freedom of Information Act …
 ·        Increasing use of national security classifications …
 ·        Stonewalling in response to congressional requests for information. 

And this was all BEFORE the September 11 attacks!

Which sparked Bush’s so-called Patriot Act — And now Bush/Cheney clamps on information and personal freedom have tightened even more — in the name of national security.

The Bush Administration decides what they want you to know.  That’s why under the Bush Secrecy Doctrine, we have  

Electronic surveillance on innocent Americans, secretly authorized by the President without necessary warrants.
 ·         Mum’s-the-word Government deals
that give huge government
contracts to Halliburton and other favored corporations without public bids.
 ·         Stealth legislation
where corporate favors are slipped into the Homeland Security Act, the energy bill and more so the public can’t obtain information about chemical spills, nuclear waste, environmental hazards and slipshod security measures.
 ·         Government web pages are stripped — removing information about environmental hazards to protect national security.

 ·         Hiding the truth from Congress concealing the real cost of a Medicare drug benefit with its miserly benefits to seniors and hundreds of billions of dollars in windfall profits for Big Pharma.

It’s Nixon-level secrecy all over again.  Plus, the same dark obsession with payback! 

You probably know by now that it’s a felony to threaten national security by revealing the name of an undercover CIA agent to the news media … unless you’re inside the Bush inner circle.  What if you’re Karl Rove the President’s closest adviser and the Machiavellian architect of his political career?  

You know the story.  Rove was the secret source in the White House who revealed the identity of an undercover CIA agent working on weapons of mass destruction.  The agent’s husband, a former diplomat named Joseph C. Wilson, had publicly refuted Bush’s statements about Saddam Hussein’s nuclear capabilities and weapons of mass destruction.

We now know, of course, that Wilson was right.  But Rove secretly revealed her identity to the media which killed the career of this valuable, veteran CIA operative anyway in a move that could have easily threatened her life and national security. 

And what happened to President Bush’s pledge to fire whoever leaked the agent’s identity?  

When the leak turned out to be Rove?  Bush just changed his story.  Now, he’ll only fire his staff if convicted of a crime.  He didn’t think we would remember.
 Amazingly, the same Bush Administration that seems to have no problem naming the names of our secret agents fought all the way to the Supreme Court to hide the names and activities of the corporate executives who wrote the administration’s disastrous energy policy.

Why?  And why are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney so often forced to lie ... and stonewall … and hide behind an iron curtain of secrecy? 

Because they don’t have the support of the American people for their real goals!
And what are those goals?  To expand the power and wealth of the privileged few

while many Americans are being threatened with the loss of their jobs, health insurance and pensions!  

But Public Citizen is fighting back.

For more than 35 years, Public Citizen has fought against government secrecy and the deceit secrecy covers ups to hold government officials and powerful corporations accountable and to protect public health, safety and democracy in America.  We fight on Capitol Hill, in the courts, in government agencies across the country, and alert the media with the support of the hearts and minds of the American people. 

In fact, Public Citizen sued and won the release of all the Nixon Watergate Tapes.  It took 15 years, but now the American people know the whole story. And it was Public Citizen that established the principle that computer records are required to be disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act when we forced the Reagan-Bush Administration to give up Oliver North’s computer records.
 It’s time to blow the lid off the Bush Secrecy Doctrine! 
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It’s clear that Bush and Cheney don’t have our best interests at heart.  Bush’s vision for America is an ATM for greedy corporate executives who now dictate government policy … and a real-life game of Monopoly where big corporations have unlimited run of the board and unlimited “Get Out of Jail FREE” cards.It’s the modus operandi of the Bush White House. Quash political dissent.  Tell lie after lie.  Hide the truth.  To stop and deter the Bush/Cheney crowd from their government secrecy abuses and invasions of privacy, Public Citizen is fighting on four fronts:
  • Court Orders to Stop Government Cover-ups
  • Legislative Action to Reverse Bush Secrecy, Limit Special Corporate Favors, and Restore Privacy Rights
  • Petition to Force Government Disclosures about Sweetheart Deals
  • • Public Exposure of Bush Secrecy and Transgressions

And their greatest hypocrisy?  Bush wants to share your medical and financial records, which should be private, while hiding the public’s business from the taxpayers.

How does Bush get away with it?  He uses the threat of terrorism to hide government information about corporate wrongdoing … limit access to presidential records … and keep Congress, you and me in the dark.
 I know you share my outrage.  And here’s your chance to do something about it while there’s still time.
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The success of this crucial campaign depends on the immediate support of concerned citizens like you.  Don’t let America return to the days of Tricky Dick Nixon and All the President’s Men.

Nixon once said during a interview when asked about wire tapping, Well, if the President does it that means that it’s not illegal.”  Nixon was wrong then and Bush is wrong now.  

Thank you for standing with me to meet the growing threats to our American way of life.


Joan Claybrook

P.S.  When George W. Bush took the presidential oath of office, he swore to use his power to preserve our liberties.  Instead, he has used the threat of terrorism to cover up corruption and to launch an attack on the very rights he pledged to defend.  Don’t let our democracy be buried in a dark pit of misstatements and lies.  Help us expose the truth and take action.  Please make your special donation to Public Citizen today.  Together we can make a difference. Support us now.