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"Well, when the president does it that means that it is not illegal."--Richard Nixon

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Meet CAFTA activist and multimedia producer Kari Koch.

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From Joan Claybrook, Public Citizen President: “Little” white lies? Hidden surveillance? Out-of-control wars?What’s putting our basic freedoms at risk?It’s secrecy and deceit. Bush is lying. And people are dying. It’s the new Bush Secrecy Doctrine. But Public Citizen is fighting back as it has for more than 35 years. Find out more and support our work now with a generous year-end gift.

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Top Action:

Think your city or town should be in charge of zoning? Wal-Mart doesn't. A new report from Public Citizen reveals a frightening corporate strategy that we just uncovered using the Freedom of Information Act. Wal-Mart is trying to use the World Trade Organization to block local communities from tightening zoning restrictions against big box stores! Tell your local press to cover the story. Want the dirty details? Click here.

Outrage of the Week: Presidential Lying and Spying. Didn't that go wrong in the '60s and didn't we fix it the '70s? Public Citizen's Scott Nelson, Senior Attorney with the Litigation Group, outrages about President Bush's announcement that he can break the law and will.  Listen now.

“The greatest threat to public health right now is Congress’s willingness to use special favors as a cure for pandemic corporate greed.” Read more in our Press Room.


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