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Your Public Citizen Manager of Online Initiatives Royelen Lee Boykie invites you (60-second audio file/podcast) to help grow this historic movement by supporting Public Citizen.

February 2006

Public Citizen
Activists -- We Need More of You

Every day it is my pleasure to work with the Public Citizen staff and with you, the Public Citizen activists. You have answered every call put out to you in defense of democracy. Now we need you to respond to our effort to Clean Up Washington -- and doing that takes money. We want to make sure others like you know about the important work we are doing.

With your help, our Clean Up Washington campaign will:

  1. Make politicians accountable to you -- the citizens -- and not to special interests. Together we are getting special-interest money out of elections and encouraging limits on spending, by overhauling the presidential public finance system and by establishing a publicly funded, clean-money system for Congress.
  2. Stop lobbyists from fundraising for politicians and reduce lobbyists’ influence. We are working toward: prohibiting lobbyists from making or soliciting campaign contributions and from organizing fundraising events; dramatically increasing public disclosure of lobbyists’ activities; prohibiting former members of Congress who become lobbyists from having access to the floor of Congress during votes and to other congressional facilities.
  3. Prohibit privately funded travel and ban all gifts. We are ending the practice of special interests and lobbyists paying for lawmakers and their staff to take lavish trips and giving them gifts.
  4. Slow the revolving door by preventing former government officials from becoming lobbyists for two years and requiring public officials to disclose negotiations for future employment while in office.
  5. Create an independent ethics watchdog. The current system is broken; an independent, non-partisan authority is needed to monitor compliance with the law and investigate allegations of wrongdoing.

You are an important part of this process and we need your support to do the legislative work and to grow our activist base. Please tell others about our Clean Up Washington campaign and contribute to Public Citizen. We want to find more people like you, which means advertising on search engines; cultivating large lists of people online and offline; buying online real estate on like-minded sites; purchasing search words; taking Clean Up Washington local and into your community.

Timing is everything. This campaign is happening right now, so every minute counts -- and every donation REALLY counts. By February 28, we need to raise $25,000 so that we can IMMEDIATELY put out the word about Clean Up Washington. There are numerous reform proposals under consideration, and our grassroots lobbying effort will have to move swiftly. Much of our effort may come to a climax in March; there's not a second to spare to get activists on board.

We are breaking the connection between lobbyists' money and our political leaders so that we can restore political influence to YOU! Your participation is an historic legacy. Support Public Citizen and Clean Up Washington!

Public Citizen Manager of Online Initiatives

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