Trade News — December 2005


WTO Meets in Hong Kong, Dec. 13-18

Dear Fair Trade Activist,

As we told you in our last e-mail, next week, trade ministers from the 148 countries that are World Trade Organization (WTO) members will meet in Hong Kong for the 6th WTO Ministerial. Tens of thousands of protestors from Asia and around the globe are expected to greet trade ministers and WTO proponents in demonstration against the failed "trade" and globalization model that the WTO champions.

Throughout the next week, we'll be sending you daily e-mail updates, in a new special format, on the Hong Kong Ministerial and the issues at hand. Global Trade Watch is sending Director Lori Wallach, Deputy Director Chris Slevin, and Organizer Susan Ellsworth to Hong Kong to coordinate with international allies and monitor the WTO negotiations. We'll have brief updates from Hong Kong for you each day, so stay tuned.

Starting tomorrow, local Jobs with Justice Coalitions and member groups of the Grassroots Global Justice network have called for a Week of Global Justice Action and Education: December 10-18th. Please consider participating — e-mail us and we'll help get you connected to events in your area.

For more information, you can always visit our Hong Kong website or order a copy of GTW Director Lori Wallach's authoritative book on the WTO, Whose Trade Organization: A Comprehensive Guide to the WTO.


The Global Trade Watch Team

Activist Spotlight

Kari Koch traveled through rural Oregon working to defeat CAFTA by seeking out the real victims of "free trade:" farmers, small business owners, and laid-off workers. Read about Kari and The Stories Project and how they are reshaping the fight for fair trade!


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  • New Year's Resolution—Don't Forget CAFTA: Despite all of our best efforts, CAFTA will go into effect on January 1st. The STOP CAFTA Coalition is calling for coordinated actions around the country the month of January. Plan an action to hold your representative accountable!
  • Bad Trade Policy Taking a Hit: AFTA negotiations hit the skids when Colombia refused to sign over agricultural provisions that could fuel drug war. See Lori Wallach's latest statement on the round and take action.

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