Trade News — November 2005


George Bush Flees Washington for Summit of the Americas

Dear Fair Trade Activist,

It's certainly understandable that President Bush would want to flee the country for a while given his dose of karma last week with Libby's indictment, Miers' demise and the public's horror over the Iraq death toll. But going to the Argentina Summit of the Americas to preach his NAFTA-style trade policies? His welcome wagon is throngs of protestors led by soccer demi-god Maradona and a Nobel laureate, and official hostility to NAFTA expansion by half of the attending heads of state.

At the November 4-5 summit, President Bush's goal is to revive the mouldering corpse of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) — a proposal to expand NAFTA to all 34 nations in the hemisphere. Almost two years ago at a well-protested FTAA summit in Miami, heads of state from South America and the Caribbean canned that idea. Now in the streets of Mar de Plata, Argentina, people from around the hemisphere have gathered to lock in our victory of derailing FTAA.

Please write a letter to the editor of your local paper about Bush's attempt to revive the anti-worker and anti-environment FTAA — it's critical that the American public hears about this ardent international opposition to the backwards NAFTA model of deadly "trade."

To deflect attention from NAFTA's track record of declining real wages and rising income inequality in North America, proponents of NAFTA expansion say more NAFTA will "fight poverty" and "strengthen democratic governance." President Bush may repeat this sound byte, and we all need to make our local media tell the real story!

The Bush administration aligned with self-serving elites in Central American countries to force a CAFTA NAFTA expansion on six nations that gives new rights to corporations at the expense of workers and farmers. Then, Bush forced even NAFTA-weary Republicans into voting for CAFTA in the middle of the night on July 27, squeaking it through by one vote. Now, Bush is at it again, trying to revive FTAA on one hand while simultaneously beating on Colombia, Ecuador and Peru to sign up for "AFTA" - a NAFTA expansion to those nations.

But, you can stop Bush from getting away with more NAFTA-style trade disguised in Orwellian doublespeak.

Let your neighbors know about the international opposition to NAFTA expansion!

Working with the millions of likeminded activists throughout our hemisphere, we can create the better world we know is possible!


The Global Trade Watch Team

Activist Spotlight

Carlos Gomez is a union organizer who had to move to Chicago from Guatemala because of an attempt on his life. He was a leader in Chicago's fight against CAFTA. Read his amazing story and send him a thank you!


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