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Global Trade Watch Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

After 10 years, Global Trade Watch took one night off. See some photos from the party (above, GTW Director Lori Wallach speaking at the party). Don't worry, everyone was back to work the next day.

Dear fair trade activists, concerned citizens, friends:

Last week, on February 7, 2006, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch (GTW). While our dedication to fighting for democracy by challenging corporate globalization is constant, we would like to pause and reflect on where we have been, and where we are going.

In 1995, recognizing the insidious rearguard attack that so-called "trade" agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement and the World Trade Organization were posing to the hard-won gains of public interest movements, Public Citizen founded Global Trade Watch. Under the leadership of Lori Wallach, GTW was created to ensure we would remain effective in our goals of promoting democracy, accountable governance, economic justice, environmental protection, and public health and safety in the era of corporate globalization. Since then, on a small budget multiplied by enormous energy and passion, GTW has developed unique research, public education, press, international networking and U.S. grassroots capacities.

Please visit our website to read further details of Global Trade Watch's founding and of our many successes over the past decade — and to see some photos from our 10th anniversary event.

It has been an honor working with you this past decade-plus; we're being respectful, but not gushy in saying so. So, let's dig in one and all! It is only by redoubling our efforts and multiplying our forces that we can deliver on the special solidarity that we, as U.S. activists, owe our brothers and sisters around the world in the common struggle for global justice.

When we look ahead to the next ten years, we see endless opportunities. We hope you do too, and that you will continue to work with us to build a better world.

The Global Trade Watch Team

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Global Trade Watch
10th Anniversary Reception

Honorary Congressional Steering Committee
Rep. Xavier Becerra · Rep. Sherrod Brown · Sen. Robert Byrd · Rep. William Delahunt · Rep. Rosa DeLauro · Rep. Lloyd Doggett · Sen. Byron Dorgan · Sen. Russ Feingold · Rep. Bob Filner · Rep. Gene Green · Rep. Maurice Hinchey · Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. · Rep. Marcy Kaptur · Rep. Dennis Kucinich · Rep. Barbara Lee · Rep. John Lewis · Rep. Stephen Lynch · Rep. Jim McDermott · Rep. Edward Markey · Rep. Michael Michaud · Rep. George Miller · Rep. David Obey · Rep. Bill Pascrell · Leader Nancy Pelosi · Rep. Collin Peterson · Rep. Linda Sanchez · Rep. Bernie Sanders · Rep. Pete Stark · Rep. Ted Strickland · Rep. Bart Stupak · Rep. Maxine Waters

Honorary Host Committee
Mark Anderson · Anna Aurilio · Christie Bailey · Dean Baker · Debi Barker · Harriet Barlow · George Becker · Carrie Biggs-Adams · The Hon. Leon Billings · Brent Blackwelder · Rep. David Bonior · Mary Bottari · Abe Breehey · Tom Buis · Patricia Campos · John Cavanagh · Steve Cobble · Bruce Colburn · Michael Conroy · Marcus Courtney · Bill Cunningham · Melissa Dann · Alesha Daughtrey · Tanya Dawkins · Mike Dolan · Phil Donahue · Evy Dubrow · Jennifer Esposito · Jeff Faux · The Hon. Liz Figueroa · Bill Fletcher · David Foster · Bill Frymoyer · Pamela Gilbert · Patti Goldman · Chuck Harple · Mark Harrison · Holly Hart · Wenonah Hauter · Tom Hayden · Roger Hickey · Jim Hightower · Lisa Hoyos · Jim Jontz · Ron Judd · Rhoda Karpatkin · Gene Karpinsky · Bill Klinefelter · David & Frances Korten · Angela Ledford · Thea Lee · Gabriela Lemus · Mark Levinson · Lance Lindblom · Robert McChesney · Chris McGinn · Chuck Mack · Fred McLuckie · Jerry Mander · Mike Mathis · Victor Menotti · Segundo Mercado-Llorens · Rich Michalski · Anuradha Mittal · Ralph Nader · George Naylor · David Newby · John Nichols · Kathy Ozer · Scott Paul · Yvette Pena-Lopes · Carl Pope · Adolph Reed · Mark Ritchie · Niel Ritchie · Chuck Rocha · Marni Rosen · Bill Samuel · Michelle Sforza · Bruce Silverglade · Chris Slevin · Margrete Strand · Charlotte Talberth · Todd Thompson · Roxanne Turnage · David Waskow · Mark Weisbrot · Larry Weiss · Robert Weissman · Mike Wessel · Patrick Woodall · Balam Yaxkin

International Steering Committee
David Abdullah · Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez · Maude Barlow · Ambassador Richard Bernal · Agnes Bertrand · José Bové · Tony Clarke · Tetteh Hormeku · Martin Khor · Naomi Klein · Caroline Lucas, MEP · Meena Raman · Vandana Shiva · Pablo Solon

Leo W. GerardJames P. Hoffa
International PresidentGeneral President
United SteelworkersInternational Brotherhood of Teamsters


Lori Wallach
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

See Some Photos of the Reception

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