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Since October 2005, Global Trade Watch has been sending regular newsletters and action alerts to our 25,000-strong FAIRTRADE e-mail list. Below is an archive of all the e-mails that have been sent to the list.

Action Alerts
February 25, 2010:
Why is Obama's Trade Rep Citing the Chamber of Commerce?
February 11, 2010: You Did It! New Trade Reform Majority
December 11, 2009
: The Chamber of Commerce Hates It!
October 28, 2009: Host a House Party, Get a Special Edition Battle In Seattle DVD
October 19, 2009: Ten Years After Seattle, It's Time for a WTO Turnaround!
September 23, 2009: Tell Obama to Turn Around the WTO!
July 9, 2009: TRADE Act Introduction Makes Twice the Splash
June 18, 2009: TRADE Act to Be Introduced Any Day - Take Action Now!
June 10, 2009
: Urgent: Indigenous Peruvians Killed While Protesting Bad Trade Deal
May 29, 2009
: Video: Trade Strategy Reform Briefing For You
May 13, 2009
: It's So Easy to Set Up A Tax Haven in Panama, Even An Intern Could Do It!
May 7, 2009: President Obama: Time to Bury Bush's Leftover NAFTA Expansion Deals!
April 30, 2009: Tell Congress: No Unfair Trade-Pact Handouts for Bailed-Out Banks
April 14, 2009: This Tax Day, Tell Congress No FTA with Tax Haven Panama!
March 26, 2009: Alert: AIG Now Pushing Bush's Panama NAFTA Deal!
March 5, 2009: Tell Congress to Implement Obama's Trade Reform Commitments
February 4, 2009: Corporate Attack On Buy America Shows Another Trade Model Is Necessary
December 22, 2008: Closing Santa's Sweatshop: Delivering Obama's Toy Safety and Fair Trade Promises
November 6, 2008: Fair Trade Gets an Upgrade in Election '08
October 15, 2008: We Can Hold Them Accountable - Bird-Dog For Fair Trade!
September 10, 2008: Take to the Seats - "Battle in Seattle" Film Opening Now!
June 5, 2008: A Trade Deal We Can Support!
April 25, 2008: Breaking Development on Colombia FTA - Act Now
December 21, 2007: Holiday Action: Stop Dangerous Toy Imports
November 9, 2007: Majority of House Democrats Vote Against Peru NAFTA Expansion
November 6, 2007: URGENT: Contact Congress - Peru NAFTA Expansion Vote Tomorrow!
October 30, 2007: NAFTA Expansion Vote Next Week: Citibank Vs. Social Security
October 17, 2007: Big Oil Pushing Dems to Vote for Anti-Environment Trade Bill
October 8, 2007: Bush intervenes in Costa Rica's historic referendum on NAFTA expansion
October 4, 2007: Bush Peru NAFTA Expansion Bill Now in Congress - We Need Your Voice!
September 10, 2007: Alert: Fall Showdown on NAFTA Expansion Begins Now
July 26, 2007: New Public Citizen report: NAFTA expansion would worsen food safety crisis
July 19, 2007: Clinton, Obama, Edwards - Take a Position on Trade!
July 2, 2007: Fast Track's Dead - Let's Put the Nails in the Coffin
June 21, 2007: Trade Deal Benefits Citibank Over Seniors, Report Says
June 5, 2007: Trade Deal Still Secret: Take Action!
May 11, 2007: Urgent: Bush-Congress 'Deal' is Slippery Slope to More NAFTAs - Take Action Now!
May 2, 2007: Announcing Our New Blog, Eyes On Trade!
April 17, 2007: Remembering Jim Jontz, Fair Trade Hero
March 28, 2007: Future of NAFTA Expansion Could Be Decided This Week: Take Action Now!
February 26, 2007: Bush Attempting to Seduce Democrats With Fake Trade "Fixes"
November 9, 2006: Big Election Gains for Fair Traders; But Lame-Duck Peru/NAFTA Vote Still Looms
November 2, 2006: The 2006 Election as a Trade Policy Referendum
October 25, 2006: 'Lame Duck Hunt' - Tracking the GOP's Sneak Attack on Our Future
October 2, 2006: Alert! GOP Leaders to Force a Lame Duck Vote on Peru NAFTA Expansion!
July 24, 2006: Oman Deal Passes By Narrow Margin
July 20, 2006: Oman NAFTA Expansion Vote TODAY: Make One Last Call!
July 19, 2006: Oman NAFTA Expansion Vote Tomorrow: Make One Last Call!
July 17, 2006: URGENT: Final House Vote This Week - Oppose NAFTA Expansion to Oman
July 6, 2006: Next Steps to Defeat the Oman FTA: Take Action and Spread the Word!
July 3, 2006: House Committee and Senate Votes Show Growing Opposition to Oman FTA
May 15, 2006: Outrageous Oman NAFTA Expansion Raises Charges of Human Trafficking - But Still Advances in Congress
May 10, 2006: Human Trafficking Charges as Middle East Trade Deal Heads to Congress
April 13, 2006: Bush Signs NAFTA-Style Deal with Peru - Call Now!
April 5, 2006: NAFTA Expansion and Immigration: Sign the Petition
March 21, 2006: Sneak Attack: New "Trade" Deals Could Block Progress on Ports
February 24, 2006: Port Deal Petition: The Real Scandal with the Port Sell-Off Deal
February 13, 2006: Global Trade Watch Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary
January 25, 2006: Stop Murder of Unionists from Becoming the Next Competitive Advantage
November 23, 2005: WTO Talks: Of Course They're Stalled!
November 8, 2005: Shut the Door on the FTAA!
October 20, 2005: AFTA: Just Say No!

April 5, 2007: 713 Organizations Say "NO" to Fast Track
December 21, 2006: Middle Class Crunch, Off-shoring: Do They Hear You Yet?
August 30, 2006: WTO Expansion Talks Derailed; Focus Shifts to Bad Bilateral Trade Deals
June 29, 2006: Halliburton, Exxon-Mobil and Wal-Mart Pushing "Bruised" Congress to Vote on Oman Trade Deal
May 1, 2006: Sneaky WTO Meeting Cancelled, But...
March 30, 2006: WTO Expansion Threatens State Sovereignty
February 15, 2006: New Report: Dangerous CAFTA Liaisons
January 18, 2006: $6.5 Million Settlement for NAFTA Victims
December 9, 2005: Daily Updates From Hong Kong Next Week!
November 3, 2005: Latin America Lets Bush Have It
October 5, 2005: Did Your Rep Sell Out On CAFTA?

State of Global Trade e-news for State & Local Officials
January 24, 2008: Happy New Year! Here's to Fair Trade in 2008
July 24, 2007: Fast Track Expires, Thanks in Part to States' Demand for a New Direction on Trade
April 17, 2007: States Take Action to Change Our Failed Trade Policy
August 4, 2006: WTO Talks Collapse, Fast Track Fight Looms
March 30, 2006: WTO Expansion Threatens State Sovereignty

WTO Hong Kong Ministerial Update Series
December 23, 2005: Final Report: What Happened in Hong Kong?
December 16, 2005: WTO News 5/5: Another World is Possible
December 15, 2005: WTO News 4/5: The WTO's Cancer on Democracy
December 14, 2005: WTO News 3/5: Poverty on the Rise
December 13, 2005: WTO News 2/5: What's the WTO REALLY All About?
December 12, 2005: WTO News 1/5: Will It Be Sino-Seattle?

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