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David Edeli: Global Trade Watch Organizer

David Edeli

Global Trade Watch 11/30/06:

"Election 2006: No to Staying the Course on Trade" resulted in good stories in USA Today, Miami Herald, and the Washington Post.

The bottom line? A fair trade wave of popular concern about broken trade policies, delivered us a new Congress with a fair trade mandate for the next two years.

The result? After we launched a new watch-dog website, and held a November 15th "Lame Duck, Lame Deal -- No Peru FTA" lobby day on Capitol Hill, the Bush administration and Republican lame-duck leadership have abandoned their plans for a sneaky lame-duck vote on misguided NAFTA expansion deals!

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Daniel De Bonis: Congress Watch Web Organizer

Daniel De Bonis
Online Organizer

Congress Watch 11/30/06:
Lobbying and Ethics Reform

The people have spoken! On November 7th, corruption was the most important issue for voters according to exit polls. I am happy to report that 96 signers of the Voters First Pledge won their bid for office and are headed to Washington. This offers new hope for our efforts to end corruption in the Capitol. We now have many more allies in Congress to help pass real lobbying and ethics reform. We have been working with Rep. Nancy Pelosi's office to help improve her reform package and thanks to your help, her office knows that corruption is still on people's minds. Over 6,600 of you have written demanding that an Office of Public Intregrity be set up as an independent ethics agency to make sure our public servants in Washington stay in line quickly putting this issue into the number 3 position of the PCAN11 top performing alerts. Thank you!
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Melissa Kemp: Energy Policy Analyst

Melissa Kemp

Opposing New Nuclear Reactors and Coal Plants in the Southeast and Texas: Nuclear Power and Coal Aren't Necessary or Sustainable (10/26/2006):

With over 25 new nuclear reactors and 155 conventional coal plants presently proposed across the U.S., the involvement of people like you at the local and state level has never been more critical. We must stop these misguided plans in order to put our communities on the path to clean energy.

In August, the Energy Program led opposition at public hearings to the siting of new nuclear reactors in Central Virginia and Western Mississippi. Many of you took the time to come and your presence was invaluable!

In October, together with state environmental groups, local people impacted by coal mining, and some small renewable energy companies, the Energy Program also began working to oppose plans to build a conventional polluting coal plant in SW Virginia. Testifying at a hearing before state officials in Richmond was the first in what we hope to be a long campaign to convince the people of Virginia that they have and must demand better alternatives!

The Energy Program has also been involved in analyzing the capability of renewable energy to meet US and state needs,, and we have been working with communities to implement this information into their state energy plans. We have also started a new energy listserve for Florida that I urge you to check out,

Stay tuned for local actions in the coming months! If you are not already on our listserve, you can sign up here.


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