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March 31, 2006
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"The rejection of an Office of Public Integrity will only increase the lack of confidence the public has in the Congress to police its own conduct."
-- Joan Claybrook

Activist SpotlightMeet Viola Casares
Meet Viola Casares
She took on Levi Strauss and CAFTA. Now she's taking aim at Congress. 

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Art Cohen helped name the Public Citizen Action Network: PCAN

What did you decide to name our action center? You cast your votes and now we have a winner: a name offered by Public Citizen member Art Cohen. His suggestion: "Public Citizen Action Network (with the positive, driving acronym of 'P-CAN'). This describes both a place and a spirit (attitude). P-CAN means the public can accomplish the needed changes." Art is trained and active in public health, both globally and locally. Visit the Public Citizen Action Network now

Public Citizen defends your freedom of expression.
A big company like Wal-Mart
has deep pockets at its
disposal to silence its critics.
It's trying to bully Charles Smith
for expressing his opinion
on Wal-Mart. Public Citizen is
telling Wal-Mart,
"Stop." You can, too.

Take Two: Recommended Actions

  • Stop utility costs from skyrocketing. Bush wants an energy lobbyist to run the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Find out how your wallet will be emptied. Write your senators and tell them: No way.  
  • Can your town council, or your state government, be told by the World Trade Organization to change its laws? It could happen. Protect your local and state autonomy with a letter to your governor. Act now. 

Outrage of the Week:
Craig Holman, chief lobbyist for Public Citizen's Congress Watch division, is outraged by Tuesday's Senate vote on ethics: "The U.S. Senate let us down flat . . . " hear the rest. mp3.  What's your next step? Visit Clean Up Washington to find out. You can get updates on breaking scandals in the Clean Up Washington Blog. This week, Abramoff got sentenced to jail and just in: DeLay's former staffer pleads guilty.

New gas consumption rule
encourages dependence.
Find out why. Visit our Press Room.

Secret Busters: Public Citizen's Litigation group
is defending your right to get information the government
does not want to reveal. Public Citizen attorney
Adina Rosenbaum says: "A government that governs
in secrecy is just not a democracy." Hear Adina (mp3).
find out what Public Citizen is doing about government cover-ups.

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