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April 27, 2006
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"Ethics, too, are nothing but reverence for life."
-- Albert Schweitzer

Activist SpotlightMeet Sister Noemi Peregrino Gonzalez
Activist Sister Noemi Peregrino Gonzalez
"NAFTA hits hardest those with the smallest plots of land, forcing people to migrate”.

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Best/Worst: Check Your State's Standing in Public Citizen's Medical Board Rankings.

Scott Nelson: Public Citizen Litigation Attorney

What Did the President Do and When Did He Do It? Public Citizen Seeks Truth from CIA. Litigation Attorney Scott Nelson has requested documents regarding administration claims that the White House declassified information on weapons of mass destruction prior to Scooter Libby's leak to the press. Support our work and participate in a historic fact finding on behalf of U.S. citizens. Read Scott's FOIA request and make a generous contribution to Public Citizen.


After stalling earlier today, the ethics bill is coming back to life. Get the very latest about Congressional antics as well as actions you can take by going to
Clean Up Washington's
Watchdog Blog.

Super-Wealthy Behind Campaign to Repeal

Find out how 18 super-wealthy
families spent millions of dollars
to avoid taxes on their vast fortunes.
Groan: It could cost us $1 trillion.
Take Two: Recommended Actions

Outrage of the Week: You are paying $3.00/gallon for gas, utility bills are outlandish, our troops need funding, Katrina clean up is far from done and the oil companies are scheduled to get a tax cut! Outraged? Tyson Slocum is, listen in (.mp3). Then call your elected officials.

Obesity Drug Linked to Colon Cancer: Public Citizen petitions FDA for ban, find out more in our Press Room.

Public Citizens Wins Major Constitutional Case Before Supreme Court: Public Citizen's Litigation group sued and won on behalf of a man whose house was sold without proper notice. Get details.

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