Wal-Mart Wants to Stomp on Free Speech
Instead of Wal-Mart answering its critics,
the retail giant is threatening to sue them into silence -- AGAIN!!! Tell them NO.

July 2006

Dear Defender of Free Speech,

Wal-Mart is stomping on free speech. AGAIN.
Public Citizen is putting a stop to it. Your
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will help us win and will defend your freedom of expression.

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Wal-Mart has done it again -- it has filed a countersuit against Georgia resident Charles Smith for his most recent criticism of him -- which consists of his creating a Web site called walqaeda.com.

Charles Smith is a private individual who was first sued by Wal-Mart for an earlier Web site that critized the giant store. Public Citizen is representing Charles Smith and defending his right to speak his opinions about the retail chain. (Read the press release or read the full complaint (pdf).)

Wal-Mart is attempting to bully Charles Smith into silence. And it is using its vast resources to do it. Public Citizen's client does not have the resources to shoulder the full burden of the fight. Fortunately for Charles Smith and free speech, Public Citizen's attorneys are on the case. But we need your help as we defend your rights. Click here to make a generous donation.

Your free speech -- on the Internet and off -- is critical to us. Public Citizen has been in the forefront of the legal defense of the First Amendment right to maintain a gripe site, defending against claims that challenge the domain names of gripe sites, the use of meta tags or other devices to call the public's attention to the sites, and baseless claims that are invoked as a basis for shutting down critics. Click here to see other sites we are defending.

In the case of Charles Smith, Public Citizen does not need to match Wal-Mart's budget. But we do need your help to stop Wal-Mart from running roughshod over its critics. Your tax-deductible contribution can help make all the difference to keeping free speech alive. Contributions will be used for Public Citizen's expenses in its fight against Wal-Mart, a fight that has just expanded with Wal-Mart's new suit. In the event Public Citizen should raise more than the expenses in this case, the excess will go to support its other fights to protect health, safety and democracy. When you donate, we will keep you informed about how the case is going.

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