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June 23, 2006
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"Ability is of little account without opportunity.”
-- Lucille Ball

Activist Spotlight

Meet Sonja Merchant-Jones

Meet Sonja Merchant-Jones Sonja is fighting a utility cost surge. Send her thanks for her good work.

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Special Energy Forum for Montgomery County Maryland Ratepayers --
Click here.

Bonnie Raitt tickets benefit Public Citizen's Energy Program

Bonnie Raitt has donated great seats and an after-concert private reception in support of Public Citizen for her July 3 concert at Wolf Trap in Virginia. This special reception with Bonnie Raitt and singer/guitarist Keb 'Mo' will take place back stage following the performance and will benefit Public Citizen's energy program.   Special seating and reception tickets are available, as are reception tickets for those who have already purchased concert tickets. Click here.

June 27 is
Clean Money Day

It starts with a movie and ends as a movement.
Capitol Hill: A swamp of corruption -- but not for long. Public Citizen, allied organizations and activists are using the crisis of corruption to Clean Up Washington and take back our democracy.
On June 27, in homes and theaters across the U.S., activists will begin seeing THE BIG BUY: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress and launch a campaign to put Voters First.

The Big Buy: Host or attend a screening.

Take Two: Recommended Actions

  • Action Needed by Monday: Reprocessing of nuclear material is expensive, dangerous and polluting. It should be curtailed, not funded. Tell your Senator:
    "No funding for reprocessing"
  • Logic Puzzles -- No Solution on Capitol Hill: Congress gets lots of letters from you, so much that they assume computer robots (bots) are generating the e-mails. In an effort to confound the bots, lawmakers are challenging constitutents with a logic puzzle when they write online. The outcry has been huge. Tell your reps: Do Not Puzzle Me. 

Outrage of the Week:
Public Citizen's Michele Boyd (Energy Program Legislative Representative) is outraged that the Bush administration wants to spend your tax dollars on nuclear reprocessing. Listen in (.mp3 file) -- it takes less than a minute -- to find out what you can do. 

Poor countries would suffer under the latest World Trade Organization so-called
"development proposal."
"Get details in Public Citizen's new report on why less developed countries would do worse.

Public Citizen's Got Game, Achieves World of Warcraft Settlement Victory. Click here to find out how Public Citizen defended a gamer's right to sell his guide on eBay and was successful in the fight against big corporations who abuse intellectual property laws.

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