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August 31, 2006          
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"If it ain't broken, don't fix it.” Public Citizen comments on the FEC's proposed "emergency rule" on sham issue ads, which rightfully failed to pass. Get details.

Activist Spotlight

Nuclear Energy Activist Jerry Rosenthal

Nuclear activist
Jerry Rosenthal has shifted into high gear lately.
Find out why.

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Joan Claybrook, President of Public Citizen

TIME Magazine: In their interview with Joan Claybrook, she says: "Truck crashes kill over 5,000 people and injure over 100,000 annually. There is practically no enforcement of the regulations which limit the number of hours a trucker may be on the road. Black boxes that record the number of hours a trucker has driven would greatly improve enforcement." Click here to read the full interview with Public Citizen's president on safety benefits from having black boxes in vehicles.

What's in Our Movie Queue?

See what a new Public Citizen staffer
will be serving up with his popcorn during summer's official last weekend.

Welcome Seth aboard Public Citizen's Congress Watch
Welcome aboard Seth.

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Take Two: Recommended Actions

  • Dream of Super Activist Status?  A Public Citizen expert gives you tips on how to jumpstart your effort. Check out Public Citizen Field Organizer David Edeli's back-to-school primer on resolutions and his offer to help you draft your own.
  • Give Back to David: David Edeli's been busy with more than the primer on resolutions. The whole Global Trade Watch division has been beating back an onslaught of bad news trade legislation. Write your reps: NO PERU NAFTA. 

Outrage of the Week:
Public Citizen's Energy Guru Tyson Slocum gives you a preview of his soon-to-be-released report, "Hot Profits and Global Warming" with a 60-second overview of sky high oil company profits. Listen in (.mp3 file). Stay tuned for the report's publication next week.

Must Your Pod Belong to Apple?
Not if Public Citizen and you speak out. Get details in the Press Room.

UPDATE on the Kentucky Case: Public Citizen Attorney Greg Beck Podcasts on Internet Freedom of Speech: Click here (.mp3 sound file) to hear about Public Citizen's defense of online freedom of speech and how you can support Public Citizen in keeping government and corporations accountable.

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