Trade Update and Action Alert — November 9, 2006

Report Shows Fair Trade Wins Elections

Dear Fair Trade Supporter,

From Florida to Hawaii and all parts in between, pro-fair trade challengers Tuesday beat anti-fair trade incumbents, according to our new report analyzing the 2006 midterm results. Incumbents who voted for the U.S. trade status quo of NAFTA, WTO and Fast Track were replaced by those rejecting these failed policies and advocating improvement. Seven Senate seats and 27 House seats flipped from pro-free trade to fair trade — and the tally may increase to as many as 44 congressional seats.

Trade and offshoring were wedge issues actively used in over 115 campaigns nationwide with at least 25 paid campaign ads run on trade and offshoring.

ALERT: Despite Trade Message from Public, GOP Leaders Still Plan Lame-Duck Trade Vote!

With your continued vigilance, this election will be the beginning of new era in trade policy. However, we need your help now to keep the old Congress from hoisting one last anti-fair trade raspberry at the American public by shoving through a NAFTA expansion.

President Bush said yesterday in his press conference that he's still pushing trade votes for the lame-duck session next week!

That's right! Despite their massive losses, the disgraced Republican leaders are still planning to force a vote on the Peru NAFTA expansion. They intend to convene Congress one last time on November 13th to pass unpopular legislation in an accountability-free zone. Imagine, the newly fired and retired anti-fair traders given one more opportunity to undermine our future while padding their resumés for the lobbying jobs they'll be looking for come January.

The Peru NAFTA expansion is just one poisonous dish on a smorgasbord of damage. Check out our blog at

A lot of us are extremely sleep-deprived right now. But, it is essential we keep the spotlight on the lame-duck Congress. We can still stop the Peru NAFTA expansion — and the rest of the hideous lame-duck agenda. Can you join the Lame-Duck Hunt? Here's how:

Thank you for all that you do.


David Edeli
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

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