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November 30, 2006          
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"Given the national sweep of fair trade winners and the key races in which trade played a big role, trade and globalization issues will have major saliency in the 2008 presidential election and beyond." -- Lori Wallach

Activist Spotlight

In the spotlight -- activist Suzie Canales
"We don’t want to shut down these refineries – we just want to clean them up"
Meet Suzie Canales.
Suzie is monitoring Citgo, and the FBI is monitoring Suzie.

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Get trade secrets from Lori Wallach.

Get trade secrets. The recent elections and your enthusiastic response to our conference calls tell us that you are thirsting for more information about trade-related issues like jobs, the economy and the environment. Invite Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch division, to visit your community or activist group. You'll learn how trade affects you AND you'll help raise money for Public Citizen. Learn more/book Lori.

Image: Jay Mallin/Legal Times
Public Citizen Protects Privacy of Web Site Operator
in Court
Public Citizen protects you and your Internet Privacy.
“This case demonstrates how fragile our privacy on the Internet really is,” said Greg Beck, an attorney for Public Citizen. “Anyone who files a meritless complaint can get a subpoena from a court to reveal your identity, even if the complaint has already been rejected by another court. This is just wrong.”
We Can't Do this Important Work Without You

Take Two: Recommended Actions

Outrage of the Week:
Tyson Slocum (director of Public Citizen's Energy Program) is outraged about plans by the Lame-Duck Congress to take up oil drilling off the U.S. coast. Listen in (60-second .mp3)

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Breast Implant Approval Gets Big Exposure with Traditional Media: Public Citizen responds: "Silicone gel breast implants are the most defective medical device ever approved by the FDA."
Get details in the Press Room.

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