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December 28, 2006          
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"New Year's Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time." -- Drama Critic James Agate

Activist Spotlight

In the spotlight -- activist Christina Lizzi
Student, Activist, Organizer,
Meet Christina Lizzi.
Christina came to D.C. to study, but also became an activist for fair trade.

Who is strengthening democracy? Find out in the Activists' Lounge. Want to get spotlighted? Send us your story of activism.

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Find out what Carol knows.

Brush with Danger -- TWICE: "I stopped hormone replacement therapy in 1999. The furor! I was going to risk my heart, my bones! I still refused. Now there is nothing but, 'Don't take HRT' in the media. I told friends back in 1999 not to take it. They remember – and they remember why I stopped." That wasn't the only time Carol told a doctor, "NO!"
Find out why Carol took drastic action.

Predictions for 2007:
Public Citizen Defends Your Rights
Attorney Greg Beck is defending your Internet privacy.
Greg Beck Shares Public Citizen's Top Five Goals for Defending Your Online Rights in 2007.
Listen in.
Greg Beck worked at Microsoft in his early career. Now he's a Public Citizen litigator defending the rights of small merchants on eBay.

Take Two: Recommended Actions

  • Your Actions Made a Difference in 2006. The response to the "Stop Susan Dudley" alert was a record-breaker here at Public Citizen, and you were successful in stalling her nomination. The next top performing issue of the year was real ethics and lobbying reform. Send new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi a New Year's message -- you meant what you said in 2006 and expect results in 2007.  Write now.
  • One Lump, Two Lumps, Who Gets 3 Lumps of Coal? 
    It's not who you think.

Outrage of the Week:
In the 1970's, Public Citizen demanded more warnings about Hormone Replacement Therapy's (HRT) links to breast cancer. In 1991, Public Citizen said this therapy may be the most recklessly prescribed in history. Listen in as Dr. Sidney Wolfe describes how HRT has been a known danger for decades. Listen in (60-second .mp3). Read Dr. Wolfe's statement. 

Customers Buying "Hot Fuel" Get Less Energy for Their Money, While Big Oil Reaps Big Profits: Estimates suggest drivers around the country are shortchanged 760 million gallons of gasoline and diesel per year by unwittingly buying fuel that is warmer than the industry standard. Find out how some consumers are fighting back.
Get details in the Press Room.

The Party in Power Usually Gets the Money. Watch Joan Claybrook on C-SPAN (loads a RealPlayer page, top right - click to start RealPlayer) as she talks about why the public -- and not special interests -- needs to fund elections and bring real ethics reform to government. 

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