Carol had her asthma under control when her doctor suggested a switch in medications -- a switch to a dangerous alternative. Fortunately, Carol had a second opinion from Public Citizen's Dr. Sidney Wolfe and It's not the only time Carol avoided risky treatment.

Carol has given us permission to reprint her letter to us.

Carol got a second opinion from

It was mainly due to Public Citizen's Worst Pills, Best Pills that I stopped HRT in 1999. The furor!  I was going to risk my heart … my bones! Thanks to the "backbone" you gave me, I still refused. Now there is nothing but, “Don’t take HRT” in the media. I told friends of mine back in 1999 not to take it. They remember – and they remember why I stopped – that Worst Pills, Best Pills gave me the information I needed!  Keep up the good work. – Carol

Dear Public Citizen,

I am a subscriber.

Several years ago, my doctor wanted me to start taking Advair for my asthma. I consulted your Web site, saw it was not recommended, and got back to him with the information I was quite happy with Azmacort and did not want to change. When I went back, I took a copy of your information. (My asthma is well under control, and flares up only when I am exposed to tobacco smoke or pet an animal).

I will be taking a copy of your latest information into him, as I did when I refused any more HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) back in 1999. At the time, he (and another doctor) tried very hard to convince me it was necessary. Thankfully, I stuck to my decision and quit (I didn't have uncomfortable menopause symptoms - my problems were because of all circulatory/heart problems in the family).

Thank you so much for keeping me from ingesting dangerous, unneeded drugs over the years. You perform a true service to citizens, and I appreciate it. I won't take any medication until I check your site first.


Best - Carol

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