February 2007

Dear Activist,
Public Citizen's Ethics Hall of Shame
One, Two or Three.
Vote to Induct.
Picture of Mollohan

Is Lewis headed to the Hall of Shame?

We've checked and rechecked, tested and tested some more and the polls are OPEN. At last.

With our new and improved ability to count, please tell us who should be our next inductee into the Public Citizen Ethics Hall of Shame. We'll be counting the yeas and nays and will announce and induct the winner (or winners) on CleanUpWashington.org.

  • Rep. Alan Mollohan (D-WV): Mollohan has influenced at least five non-profits that received in excess of $250 million in federal funds, and he helped at least one friend and one relative get rich from their connections to him.
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  • Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-CA): A CEO said Lewis told him after he made campaign contributions to both Democratic and Republican lawmakers that his software company would receive a $14 million federal contract and the CEO could write the related bill. The CEO thought the outer limits of ethics had been reached. Lewis denies wrongdoing - yet others have similar tales to tell.
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  • Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA): Weldon went to bat for three foreign clients of a lobbying firm co-owned by Karen Weldon - his DAUGHTER. Get the sordid details | Vote

Voting closes on March 3 at midnight. Thank you for voting.


Royelen Lee Boykie
Manager of Online Initiatives
Public Citizen

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