Restore Habeas CorpusIf you think that our government can’t pick someone up off the street, lock them up, and then throw away the key, you are wrong – it can happen here.  A new law enacted last fall denies a fair hearing or hardly any hope of release to those confined at Guantanamo naval base, and to other non-citizens labeled “enemy combatants” – simply on the president’s say-so.  The Military Commissions Act of 2006 (or MCA) denies these individuals the most fundamental of protections – the writ of habeas corpus – which requires the government to justify to the court why it is depriving a detainee of his liberty.  The writ reflects our nation’s most deeply held notions of liberty and fairness and the will of free people everywhere since the Magna Carta of 1215.
Ever since Guantanamo was turned into a prison more than five years ago, the Administration has done all it can to stop the courts from reviewing the lawfulness of its actions, including its treatment of detainees.  The MCA is the most recent attempt.  Make no mistake, this law threatens the liberty of non-citizens – even legal permanent residents could be held indefinitely without just cause – and shakes the foundation of our system of checks and balances.   
It is in trying times that our liberties are most in jeopardy.  But as the Founders understood, in denying someone else’s freedom, we ultimately surrender our own.  We must stand up for freedom and resist the tyranny of the rule of men over law.  We must fully restore the right of habeas corpus.

TAKE ACTION: You can stand up today by taking these actions:

  1. TAKE ACTION! Call your senators and urge them restore habeas corpus.
  2. Tell your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to stand up by adding their name to our online petition.

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