Action Alert — February 26, 2007

Bush Attempting to Seduce Democrats With Fake Trade 'Fixes': Take Action!

President Bush trying to lure Democrats down a primrose path to more NAFTAs! Your voice is needed now to counter the administration's dangerous seduction effort. Speak out now.

Dear Fair Trade Supporter,

Now is the time. With your help, we can FINALLY put an end to the devastating era of Bush's NAFTA-uber-alles trade offensive.

You just elected a fair trade majority in Congress. But, the Bush administration, a few unreconstructed Clintonite NAFTA boosters, and their Big Corporate buddies are gearing up to revive Bush's disastrous trade agenda.

The Bush administration is in closed-door negotiations as we speak trying to seduce Democrats with this line: Democrats must act now to 'save' poor nations from misery... by granting President Bush more 'Fast Track' trade authority! Yup, they want the new Democratic majority to issue Bush blank-check authority to do more of the same trade policy. The corporate media omits that poor nations oppose Bush's trade plan because it will harm their interests and instead the media is repeating Bush's outlandish argument, and slamming Democrats. Plus, as a bonus, the Bushites are 'offering' 'side' (read: unenforceable, meaningless) deals on labor rights if Democrats support NAFTA expansion to Peru, Panama and Colombia...

This offensive offensive is now underway targeting the trade committees in Congress: the House Ways and Means committee and the Senate Finance committee. 'If you play nice with us,' they are saying, 'we can make the nasty press attacks stop.'

Please contact your Representative and Sentors today! Your voice right now is critical to counterbalance the special interest choir! Click here to take action:

Bush's Strategy:

Kick: Bush and his corporate allies are ginning up a nasty attack against the Democrats in the corporate media - calling them protectionists and isolationists simply because Democrats are listening to the public and demanding new trade rules that will benefit all of us!

Kiss? Then comes the seduction - offering the 'solution' for ending the attack. All the Democratic majority has to do is sign off on the same old Bush trade policy repackaged with meaningless side agreements and a chunk of cash to 'retrain' workers displaced by bad trade deals!

The real rub: Side agreements aren't a real kiss. We saw what those unenforceable political fig leaves got us in NAFTA - a disaster!

And money to retrain us? For what? The damage of the Bush trade policy is not just specific jobs we lose. Race-to-the-bottom trade deals slam the whole middle class - squeezing down all of our wages. Even when jobs stay, these trade deals pit us against $1 day wages elsewhere. Plus, the jobs being shipped offshore now are high tech and professional jobs - the engineering, computer, and accounting service sector jobs we were told would replace the 3 million manufacturing jobs lost during NAFTA and WTO.

What's at stake?

NAFTA Expansion to Peru, Panama and Colombia: These trade pacts promise more outsourced U.S. jobs, increased drug-trafficking and violence, and destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Democrats have demanded these deals be re-negotiated to remove numerous offensive provisions. The Bush administration is having none of it and instead wants to slap on meaningless labor side agreements. We have to help remind the Democrats that now that they are the majority, we rely on them to put an end to these damaging NAFTA expansions once and for all.

Fast Track: Fast Track is the un-democratic concoction of the Nixon administration that hands over Congress' constitutionally-mandated control of trade policy to the executive branch. Fast Track enabled disastrous trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA and WTO. Fast Track even takes away control from Speaker Pelosi over what comes up for a vote on the House floor! The current Fast Track expires this June 30th, and Bush wants more of this blank check authority. Who would consider trusting Bush with any more authority? But, the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal are slamming Democrats and demanding they grant President Bush Fast Track authority - to expand the WTO!

The administration's seduction negotiations are coming to a head. Please weigh in on the debate right now! Tell your representative and senators that the Peru and Colombia deals need to be stopped - and Fast Track should be boxed and buried. Go here to take action:

Want to do more? Take it to the next level:

Sign your group onto the national 'No More Fast Track' sign-on letter. Send an email to David Edeli at to see a copy of the letter. Please include the name of your organization in the email.

Tell Your Friends – Especially the ones whose congresspeople are on the bad guys' target list (see the list below). Forward this email to them, or use our 'Tell-a-friend' system to give them the heads up.

After all the hard work activists like you did to get a fair trade Congress elected, now is our opportunity to finally make some progress on fair trade. Let's roll!

Thank you for everything you do.

Yours in public citizenship,
The Global Trade Watch Team

Democratic Members of the Ways and Means Committee in the House of Representatives:

--Know someone who might live in their district? Send them an email!
--Got any other ideas about how to get the message to these Democrats? Email David Edeli at

  • Charles B. Rangel (New York-15): Represents Upper Manhattan neighborhoods like Harlem in New York City
  • Fortney Pete Stark (California-13): Represents the cities of Alameda, San Leandro, Hayward, Fremont, and more.
  • Sander M. Levin (Michigan-12): Represents 60% of Macomb county, from Clinton Township/Mt Clemens and Lake St. Clair to Southfield.
  • Jim McDermott (Washington-7): Represents Seattle, Vashon Island, and parts of Shoreline, Tukwila, SeaTac and Burien.
  • John Lewis (Georgia-5): Represents Atlanta, East Point, and parts of Clayton and Dekalb counties.
  • Richard E. Neal (Massachusetts-2): Represents most of Western and Central Massachusetts, from Connecticut River Valley to Blackstone River Valley.
  • Michael R. McNulty (New York-21): Represents the cities of Albany, Amsterdam, Cohoes, Gloversville, and more.
  • John S. Tanner (Tennessee-8): Represents the counties of Benton, Carroll, Dyer, Madison, Montgomery, Tipton, and more.
  • Xavier Becerra (California-31): Represents many neighborhoods of Los Angeles, such as Echo Park and Hollywood.
  • Lloyd Doggett (Texas-25): Represents Central Texas, including Travis, Bastrop, Caldwell and F?llete counties and more.
  • Earl Pomeroy (North Dakota-at large): Represents all of North Dakota.
  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones (Ohio-11): Represents Cleveland and surrounding area.
  • Mike Thompson (California-1): Represents Humboldt, Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa, Yolo, and Del Norte counties.
  • John B. Larson (Connecticut-1): Represents the city of Hartford and the towns of Berlin, Glastonbury, Colebrook, Windsor and more.
  • Rahm Emanuel (Illinois-5): Represents neighborhoods of Chicago such as Schiller Park, Franklin Park, River Grove, and Northlake.
  • Earl Blumenauer (Oregon-3): Represents most of Portland and Multnomah County, as well as Clackamas County.
  • Ron Kind (Wisconsin-3): Represents the counties of Buffalo, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, La Crosse, St. Croix, and more.
  • Bill Pascrell Jr. (New Jersey-8): Represents 21 cities and towns in southern Passaic and northern Essex counties.
  • Shelley Berkley (Nevada-1): Represents the city of Las Vegas.
  • Joseph Crowley (New York-7): Represents northern Queens and eastern portions of the Bronx.
  • Chris Van Hollen (Maryland-8): Represents most of Montgomery County including the cities of Bethesda, Rockville, and Potomac.
  • Kendrick Meek (Florida-17): Represents parts of Miami-Dade and Broward counties, including North Miami and Miramar.
  • Allyson Y. Schwartz (Pennsylvania-13): Represents parts of Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, including Glenside and Lansdale.
  • Artur Davis (Alabama-7): Represents Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Selma, and other parts of central and west Alabama.

Learn more about the Ways and Means Committee here:

Democratic Members of the Senate Finance Committee:

--Know someone who lives in one of these states? Send them an email!
--Got any other ideas about how to get the message to these Democrats? Email David Edeli at

  • Max Baucus, Montana
  • John D. Rockefeller IV, West Virginia
  • Kent Conrad, North Dakota
  • Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico
  • John Kerry, Massachusetts
  • Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas
  • Ron Wyden, Oregon
  • Charles Schumer, New York
  • Debbie Stabenow, Michigan
  • Maria Cantwell, Washington
  • Ken Salazar, Colorado

Learn more about the Senate Finance Committee here:

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