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February 26, 2007          
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"Action indeed is the sole medium of expression for ethics." -- Nobel Prize Winner Jane Addams 

Activist Spotlight

In the spotlight -- activist Dr. Irene Leech
How I spent my Winter Break
Activist and Professor
Dr. Irene Leech

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Who Belongs in the Hall of Shame?

Corruption, cronyism and special-interest sleaze - who should be inducted into our Ethics Hall of Shame? Our voting system is new and improved but the abuses are just as sordid. Tell us who should be voted into the Public Citizen Ethics Hall of Shame. See the candidates and vote.

While the FDA Reviews Public Citizen's Petition to Ban Less Safe Birth Control, Kate Is Getting Important Health Information Directly to Women
Kate has an important message for young women who care about the safety of their birth control.

Take Two: Recommended Actions

Outrage of the Week:
6,000 ethics officers do what they want and the executive branch ends up with no ethics enforcement. Public Citizen's Craig Holman is outraged. Listen in (60-second .mp3).
Read about his testimony on Capitol Hill.

"We are pleased to declare victory for hurricane evacuees." President Joan Claybrook, after Public Citizen secured relief for more than 1,000 victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Get details in the Press Room. (Members -- please note: your donations helped make this possible!)

Where do great minds in consumer law go to engage on critical and timely consumer and justice issues? It's all in the blog -- the Consumer Law and Policy Blog. 

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