New Executive Power Allows Bush to Label Non-Citizens "Enemy Combatants" and Strip Them of All the Rights We Treasure in the United States.
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Detained Enemy Combatants
-- Real or Imagined --
Must Be Told Why Their Liberty Is Being Deprived, or It's Just Not American


Sign the petition to restore Habeas Corpus

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March 21, 2007

Dear [[First_Name]],

In the last five years, Bush and his administration have done everything they can to can prevent review of their actions. With the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (MCA), they got another free-pass. Now they can take non-U.S. citizens off the street, lock them up and not tell anyone where they are or what the charge is. All it takes is Bush's labeling them "enemy combatants."

An "enemy combatant" loses the most fundamental of protections - the writ of habeas corpus - which requires the government to justify to the court why it is depriving a detainee of his or her liberty.  The writ of habeas corpus reflects our nation's most deeply held values of liberty and fairness.
Our Founders understood that, in denying someone else's freedom, we ultimately surrender our own. We have not lost that value yet and must fight to keep it. Please join Public Citizen in its petition to restore habeas corpus. Sign now. 


Royelen Lee Boykie
Manager of Online Initiatives
Public Citizen

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