May 2, 2007

Announcing Global Trade Watch's New Blog: "Eyes on Trade"

Dear Fair Trade Activist,

Feeling like you want to be more in the loop on trade issues?

While we'll continue to send you urgent action alerts through this e-mail list, you can now get your daily fix of trade and globalization news and join in conversation with others at Global Trade Watch's new blog, "Eyes on Trade,"

Eyes on Trade is updated daily with news and commentary. It's a great way to connect more directly about the issues we all care about and, most importantly, to get your take on the latest headlines and fair trade strategies.

Today on Eyes on Trade, you can get a front-row seat at the protest against the Colombia NAFTA expansion and Colombian President Álvaro Uribe. Yup, Uribe - the guy whose government is wracked with scandal and resignations after revelations of links with right wing paramilitary death squads - has come to Washington to try to resuscitate the Colombia-U.S. NAFTA expansion deal.

Global Trade Watch has helped organize a protest to criticize the pact - and to criticize Uribe and his government for their collusion with paramilitary death squads that have killed hundreds of labor union leaders during his presidency.

The protest featured Colombians - a City Council Member, an Afro-Colombian leader and the son of a murdered union organizer - now in exile here to escape assassination threats. A broad array of union leaders, students and human rights activists joined them in a press conference and demonstration in opposition to the Colombia-U.S. "free trade" agreement.

You can see our take on this event, along with photos and more information on the Uribe regime and the myriad fatal flaws of the Colombia FTA, at Eyes on Trade.

So please take a look! Leave us comments and feedback on our writings; or, just take advantage of another way that we can keep you in the know about all the important developments going on in today's globalization debate.

Thanks for all that you do.

The Global Trade Watch Team

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