Action Alert — July 19, 2007

Clinton, Obama, Edwards — Take a Position on Trade!

Submit a question about trade and globalization for presidential debates scheduled for July 23rd and August 7th.

Dear Fair Trade Supporter,

After seeing what a powerful issue fair trade was in the 2006 elections, you'd think that our failed trade and globalization policies - and how to replace them - would be a top agenda item for presidential candidates. After all, last November the Democrats picked up two House seats each in Iowa and New Hampshire with candidates running on trade.

While it's true that John Edwards and then later Hillary Clinton have come out against the proposed NAFTA expansion to South Korea, what about the NAFTA expansion deals to Peru, Panama and Colombia? What do they think about the undemocratic "Fast Track" trade negotiating process? Do they have a clear vision for how to make a clean break with NAFTA-style policies of the past? What is their plan to deal with WTO? China trade?

We need to get presidential candidates on the record now on the important trade and globalization policies with which the next President must grapple. And, with two imminent debates asking for the public to help create the questions for the candidates, now you have a chance to do so.

Here's how you can weigh in and help make sure that fair trade is central to the 2008 presidential campaign.

July 23rd - CNN/YouTube Debate - Charleston, South Carolina: This debate is co-sponsored by YouTube, and the questions for the debate will come from people all across America who submit their questions via video on the YouTube website at As you can see on the site, CNN and YouTube are collaborating on a Republican debate in September as well.

August 7th - AFL-CIO Presidential Candidate Forum - Chicago, Illinois: If you are a member of a union that is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, you can submit a question online that will be asked at the nationally televised forum. You can also vote for your favorite questions asked by other union members. To submit a question or cast your vote, go to

For tips on how to ask tough questions of presidential and congressional candidates, visit our "bird-dogging" how-to webpage at


David Edeli
Field Director
Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch

p.s. As we enter into the heat of the primary campaign season - both for president and for Senate and House seats in congress - "bird-dogging" becomes more and more important! If you would be willing to be a part of our Rapid Action Team, to coordinate bird-dogging with other trade and globalization activists around the country, please let us know by signing up here:

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