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3 Reasons Why Fuel Economy Matters

  • Too much of our personal budget goes to filling up our gas tanks
  • Our excessive use of fuel is adding to global warming
  • National security is threatened by our addiction to foreign oil 

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Bean Counting Doesn't Add Up to True Fuel Economy

August 31, 2007

Dear [[First_Name]],

If you support fuel economy standards -- and we certainly do -- the Senate's inclusion of "supposed" fuel economy increases for combined car and truck fleets to 35 mpg in the energy bill (H.R. 6) looks pretty good at first glance.

Actually, it's just hot air.

The so-called increase comes with a gigantic loophole: The administration can allow manufacturers to make vehicles that don't meet the 35 mpg target. All the government needs to do to justify this is use cost-benefit analysis. This is the same cost-benefit analysis that has been used and abused for decades to weaken standards for consumers, public health and the environment.

We need to get rid of this biased, rigged distortion of public policy. Tell Congress that public policy should be based on public need -- not on biased bean counting.


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