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Big Oil Is Going after the Amazon
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Democratic leadership has promised to bring Big Oil's dream trade deal – the Peru NAFTA expansion – up for a vote by the end of October. Don't let their corporate dream become an environmental nightmare for the Amazon.

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Act to Save the Amazon

October 17, 2007

Dear Supporter,

The Big Oil companies are getting slicker and more aggressive in their stealth lobbying campaign to lock in oil and gas contracts in the Amazon. It is one of their top legislative priorities.

And the Democrats are scheduling a vote on a proposed NAFTA expansion that would give Big Oil exactly what it wants -- regulatory protection to ravage the endangered Amazon rainforest.

Indigenous leaders from the Peruvian Amazon are in Washington now urging the U.S. Congress to save their Amazon rainforest home and help stop global warming by defeating the Bush administration's proposal.

They need our help!

Please urge your representatives in Congress to save the Amazon from Big Oil's Peru NAFTA scheme - and vote NO on HR 3688, the Peru "free trade" agreement (Peru FTA).

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