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November 20, 2007Contribute to Public Citizen Through the Combined Federal Campaign

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Act now for effective fuel economy standards.Act Now for Effective Fuel Economy Standards: The Senate has been patting itself on the back for passing an energy bill that, it says, would increase fuel economy standards for the combined car and truck fleets to 35 mpg. The so-called increase comes with a gigantic loophole. Learn more and tell Congress to protect us with real fuel economy standards.

Public Citizen Activists Make Waves

Get smart and effective with a Congressional directory.Activists working with Public Citizen help save lives, defend democracy and protect our health. Our supporters write letters, make phone calls, visit with their elected officials, contact federal and local agencies, testify on critical issues and connect with one another to address issues affecting their families and their communities. To help you be the most effective Public Citizen, if you make a $50 donation to Public Citizen, we'll send you a pocket-sized 110th Congressional Directory. You will get complete, accurate information and best practices for contacting elected officials along with all the benefits of Public Citizen membership. Order your Congressional directory and then take action.

Public Interest Law

You Win, Bush Administration LosesConsumers/Public Citizen Score BIG Enviromental Win: A federal court threw out the Bush administration's rule on the fuel economy of light trucks, SUVs, minivans and pick-up trucks. Public Citizen and other groups argued that the fuel economy standard was unacceptably paltry. It's back to the drawing board for the government. Continue.

What's In Your Child's Toy Chest?

While parents were in panic over the lead paint on their children's toys, the head of the government agency in charge of protecting us was traveling ON THE DIME OF THE VERY INDUSTRIES SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE REGULATING. Read more and tell your Senators to recall interim Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Chair Nancy Nord.

We work to ensure that Congress represents citizens by exposing the harmful impact of money in politics and fighting for an improved democracy.

Ask a Public Citizen Staffer

This month's staff expert is David Edeli.

Staff on Your Behalf. This month, David Edeli, Field Director for Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch division, takes your questions about how NAFTA and U.S. trade policies impact you, jobs, the prices you pay and the lives of everyday people around the world. Talk to David.

Robert Shull, the deputy director of Public Citizen's Auto Safety and Regulatory Policy division, took questions last month. This month he answers the question: "Will increasing fuel economy standards make cars smaller and less safe?" "The auto industry has promoted the myth that increased fuel economy means that vehicles will necessarily become smaller and. . . "read the rest of Bob's answer.

Spied on Eyes on Trade

Majority of House Democrats Stand up for Constituents. Despite intense pressure and lobbying from some Democratic leaders, a massive corporate coalition and the White House, a majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives opposed Bush's Peru NAFTA expansion agreement, echoing the American public's widespread discontent with the status quo trade policy. Did your rep stand up for you?

We promote democracy by challenging corporate globalization, arguing that the current globalization model is neither a random inevitability . . .

Press Room

ACTIVIST WIN! Vote to Cut Off Funding for Bush's NAFTA Trucks Program. We are one step closer to protecting the public from the administration's reckless rush to give Mexico-based trucks full access to U.S. roads.
Read Joan Claybrook's Statement

Government Is Illegally Taking Money From Soldiers and Veterans Who Used Military Credit Cards: Public Citizen acts on behalf of soldiers and veterans, files a class action lawsuit .. . continue.

Public Citizen Health Clinic:
Good Health Policy Leading to Good Personal Health

What's That You Say? As the presidential campaigns heat up, health issues are assuming a higher political profile. Candidates are coming up with strategies to reform the current health care system. Some fundamentally redesign the way in which care is financed and paid for; most just tinker with the system. Cut through the jargon of health insurance plans and learn about other aspects of health policy with our Brief Dictionary of Health Policy Terms. Our doctors and pharmacists analyze the FDA's own data so you get the second opinion YOU need.

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