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December 14, 2007Contribute to Public Citizen Through the Combined Federal Campaign

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Act now to save important protections.On Thursday, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce failed to improve the ?Consumer Product Safety Modernization Act.? Key amendments are still needed to protect children and consumers from dangerous toys and products, and penalize negligent manufacturers that break the law. Write your representative to demand Congress keep its promise to protect you and your family this holiday season. It's not too late! Take Action NOW!

No Wrapping Required

Give your favorite student (or favorite someone) a gift that matters.Public Citizen joined the ranks of YouTube this year, producing original videos to inform and inspire a new generation of activists. Thanks to our broadcast press officer, Barbara Holzer (pictured left), we even won a national industry award for the unique YouTube video she created.
(See the award winning video.)

You can help us reach the next generation of supporters too, by giving the gift of citizenship - Public Citizenship.
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Public Interest Law

Public Citizen Defends Internet Free Speech and WinsInternet Free Speech Protected in Landmark Ruling: Majority Opinion Followed Public Citizen Recommendation: "The ability to speak or criticize anonymously online is an important tool for whistleblowers to expose misconduct or corruption by powerful companies or public figures". Find out more about the win.

2008 Prediction

In 2008, winning the nation?s highest elective office is projected to cost the two major party candidates $1 billion combined. The figure is even higher if you include the vast sums spent by all the other candidates, parties and political committees. Once that outrageous amount is spent, the will to fix the problem commences. Visit the Watchdog Blog to find out how Public Citizen's Craig Holman turns the gloom to boon for presidential campaign finance reform.

We work to ensure that Congress represents citizens by exposing the harmful impact of money in politics and fighting for an improved democracy.

Ask a Public Citizen Staffer

Staff on Your Behalf will return next month. This month, many of our staff are working on critical legislation coming up as Congress prepares for recess. Watch for Field Director David Edeli's answers to last month's question in January. And another member of our staff will take questions.

Spied on Eyes on Trade

Could your civil rights be considered a barrier to trade? Learn how corporations are using NAFTA-like provisions to challenge economic empowerment opportunities for black South Africans in our Eyes on Trade blog.

Get trade secrets on Eyes on Trade.

Press Room

Thank you, Activists. The increased fuel economy standards you lobbied for are in the energy bill -- and are set to stay there. Unfortunately, the Senate didn't pass the bill until they gave Big Oil and Big Coal what they wanted.
Read Joan Claybrook's Statement

Bush Authorizes Full Access to U.S. Roads for More NAFTA Mexico-Domiciled Trucks. In a stealthy maneuver, the Bush administration has boosted the threat to the public by increasing the number of NAFTA Mexico-domiciled trucking firms allowed access to all U.S. roads . . . continue.

Public Citizen Health Clinic:
Good Health Policy Leading to Good Personal Health

High Cholesterol? Don't Self-Medicate. The FDA is considering making the cholesterol-lowering statin drug lovastatin (MEVACOR) available over-the-counter. Although this might seem convenient, Public Citizen doesn?t think it's a smart move. Research suggests some people will take the drug when they don?t need it, putting themselves at risk of serious side effects. Find out more and get Dr. Wolfe's testimony. Our doctors and pharmacists analyze the FDA's own data so you get the second opinion YOU need.

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