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March 5, 2008Contribute to Public Citizen Through the Combined Federal Campaign

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See our latest YouTube video on toy safety.
Public Citizen is on YouTube with important information on Bush's pilot program for NAFTA trucks.
Act now to improve consumer product safety! Urge the Senate to Pass a Tough Consumer Law. Right now, the Senate is considering a bill, the Consumer Product Safety Reform Act of 2007 (S. 2663), that would give the Consumer Product Safety Commission much-needed muscle. Please urge your senators to vote for the bill and any strengthening amendments ? and to oppose industry's proposals to weaken the bill.
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Act now to save important protections.Tell Your Senator to Support Renewable Energy. Recently, the House of Representatives passed the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act. This bill is a great first step toward improving our environment, creating clean energy jobs and gaining energy independence. Please tell your senator that this bill needs to be passed.
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Public Interest Law

Public Citizen Defends Internet Free Speech and Wins

Consumers Can Sue Debt Collector Over Aggressive Tactics. Public Citizen has won a case before a San Francisco appellate court, which ruled that just because a private company contracted with local prosecutors, it was not an arm of government and did not have the protection of sovereign immunity. In making its ruling, the court gave consumers the right to sue the company over its aggressive collection tactics.  Find out more about the win.

 Public Citizen Has a New 'Voice' on the Web

Feds Haven't Created Auto Fraud Database. Army Sgt. Rosa-La Williams thought she was getting a great deal when she bought a used BMW 325i from a dealer in Honolulu. Later, she found out why: The car had caught fire after a previous owner had crashed into a tree. Read about Williams' case and why Public Citizen is suing the federal government over its failure to create a national auto fraud database in our new blog, Citizen Vox.

Time to Put Safety First

Product Safety Regulators Can't Get Job Done. Defective and dangerous products - from lead-painted toys to vacuum cleaners that catch fire - are being allowed onto our store shelves and into our homes.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has failed to do its job. Find out about the unreasonable delays in getting these hazards recalled and off the shelves. Go to Public Citizen's Watchdog Blog.

We work to ensure that Congress represents citizens by exposing the harmful impact of money in politics and fighting for an improved democracy.

The Grassroots Campaign for Fair Trade

We were on hand as a diverse coalition of activists gathered in Washington D.C. recently to hash out a strategy to overhaul our nation's misguided trade policies. Find out about the new Citizens Trade Campaign and how it's linking trade to global warming and other important issues at Eyes on Trade.


Get trade secrets on Eyes on Trade.

Press Room


Sears Must Stabilize 4 Million Dangerous Stoves. As part of a $546 million class action settlement, Sears Roebuck and Co. has agreed to notify everyone who bought a free-standing gas or electric range from the company during the past seven years that they are entitled to a have installed free-of-charge a bracket that will stabilize the stove and prevent it from tipping over. Since 1980, more than 100 people have been killed or seriously injured when stoves installed by Sears and other companies tipped over onto them. Read more about this case.

Congress Must Act Quickly to Address Growing Crisis at the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is suffering from a crisis in leadership, a lack of congressional oversight and a dangerous reliance on the pharmaceutical industry to bankroll its operations . . . continue.


Public Citizen Health Clinic: Good Health Policy Leading to Good Personal Health

FDA's Botox Warning Falls Short. Two weeks after Public Citizen petitioned the Food and Drug Administration for stronger warnings on Botox and its competitor, Myoboloc, the FDA reported that the treatments were linked to adverse reactions, including respiratory failure and death. Read Dr. Sidney Wolfe's statement. Our doctors and pharmacists analyze the FDA's own data so you get the second opinion YOU need.

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