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It's Time to Stop Toying with Safety

SAFETY UNDER ATTACK! – Many of us were overjoyed when the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was signed into law last August. It seemed that consumer products would finally be made safer: Toys and infant products would be tested before they were sold, lead and phthalates would be banned in toys, and a public database of products reported to be hazardous would be created. 

But now the manufacturers are trying to undermine many critical consumer protections. Their alarmist reaction is actually a move by the largest manufacturers to avoid taking unsafe products off the shelves. Read below to learn more, then TAKE ACTION NOW!

2007 was known as the year of the recall. Defective and dangerous products - from lead-painted toys to vacuum cleaners that catch fire - were allowed onto our store shelves and into our homes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) failed to do its job and protect American consumers. So we mobilized as a citizenry and scored big wins for consumer product safety, winning our biggest victory in August 2008, when the CPSIA was signed into law.

Congress passed this landmark law because children had been hurt, become sick or even died from unsafe products put in their hands.  Many millions of products were recalled, shaking the confidence of parents in the safety of the toys and juvenile products currently on the market.

The CPSIA was passed to restore the confidence of parents and consumers around the country and, most importantly, keep our children safe.

The industry groups propose unneccessarily weakening safety standards and are exploiting small business concerns that can be addressed without changing the law. The CPSIA is here to protect American consumers! Read about it in our "Learn More" on the right!