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March 28, 2008

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See our latest YouTube video on toy safety.
Public Citizen is on YouTube with important information on Bush's pilot program for NAFTA trucks.

Act now to clean house at the EPA!It's Time to Clean House at the EPA
For too long, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen L. Johnson has used his position to weaken regulation meant to protect the environment. It's time to tell Congress to throw Johnson in the recycling bin. The EPA needs an administrator who is committed to the environment -- not corporate interests.

Write Now | Learn More About the EPA

No NAFTA trucks on our highways!

No NAFTA Trucks on the Highways!

The administration is continuing its push to expand the NAFTA trucking program. President Bush is continuing this program even though he signed a bill into law cutting off all funding for it. Act now and tell Congress to follow up on its work and demand Bush follow the law!

Write Now | Learn More About the NAFTA Trucks

Public Interest Law

Public Citizen Defends Internet Free Speech and Wins

Court Rules Wal-Mart Parody is Protected Free Speech. Public Citizen has won a resounding victory for free speech! In the case, a federal judge in Georgia ruled that parody Web sites that criticize the business practices of Wal-Mart are protected under the First Amendment. Public Citizen argued that no reasonable person would confuse the Wal-Mart parodies with the company’s actual trademarks. Find out more about the win.

Bush Administration's Roof Crush Rule Inadequate

More Proof Feds Failing to Protect Public. A recent study that further proves that the federal government needs to do more to protect the public from deadly rollover crashes, which kill more than 10,500 people every year. Read more about the study and why Public Citizen is urging the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to give the public an upgraded safety standard. Citizen Vox.

Citizen Vox Blog

Sunshine Week Prompts Push for Open Government

Public Citizen's President Calls for End to Government Secrecy. As part of Sunshine Week, Public Citizen joined print, broadcast and online news media, civic groups, libraries, non-profits, schools and individuals interested in the public's right to know. We are calling for an open, democratic government and an end to secrecy. Read a statement from Public Citizen's president, Joan Claybrook, on why government secrecy is a threat to democracy. Watchdog Blog.

Watchdog Blog

Trade-Related Job Loss

Public Citizen explains why you should care. Clinton, Obama and the blogosphere have been buzzing lately over an Economic Policy Institute analysis on trade-related job loss. Public Citizen explains why you should care about free trade agreements and employment in the manufacturing sector. Read the points at Eyes on Trade

Eyes on Trade

Press Room

Bank drops lawsuit against Bank Julius Baer, a Swiss bank, backed down on efforts to "take down", dismissing a lawsuit against the domain name, the Internet host and the Wikileaks community. Public Citizen, which intervened in the suit, is confident that judges in future cases will take a basic lesson from the proceedings in federal court in San Francisco: Prior restraint shouldn't be imposed on free speech no matter the strength of the plaintiff's claim of wrongdoing, particularly when those whose First Amendment interests are at stake have not been able to appear in court to explain the flaws of the case. Read more about this case. 

Senate Passes CPSC Reform Act. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is one step closer to receiving much-needed resources and authority now that the Senate has passed the CPSC Reform Act. The bill is critical, but much more needs to be done. For starters, the Senate bill must be reconciled with a measure pending before the U.S. House of Representatives, and both chambers must approve one version for the improvementes to become law. Learn more about the act and read a statement from David Arkush, director of Public Citizen’s Congress Watch division.

Public Citizen Health Clinic: Good Health Policy Leading to Good Personal Health

The Situation at the FDA Has Never Been Worse. For years, the FDA has been suffering from a lack of congressional oversight, a dangerous reliance on the pharmaceutical industry to bankroll its operations and a crisis in leadership. Recent news stories about deaths linked to drugs such as the anticoagulant heparin and Trasylol, which reduces bleeding during surgery, have made these problems glaringly obvious. Read Dr. Sidney Wolfe’s statement.

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