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Stop Playing Games With Safety: Stop the NAFTA Trucks 'Pilot'
Stop Playing Games with Our Safety

The administration is continuing its push to expand the NAFTA trucking program -- despite Congress de-funding this program specifically in an appropriations bill President Bush signed into law. Tell Congress: No NAFTA Trucks on Our Highways

No Slush Fund for Bush White House to Put Us at Risk!

President Bush wants to increase the budget for White House offices -- and make it a slush fund that could shift funds into giving OMB even MORE power to weaken public protections. Tell Congress to say NO!

No more handouts to Big Oil!

Support Renewable Energy -- Cut Oil Industry Hand-Outs!

The House passed a bill cutting government subsidies to the oil and gas industry and shifting them to renewable energy development.  This bill would allow renewable sources such as solar and wind power to get the funding they need and incentives would also be provided for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles that would help clean up pollution in our transportation sector.  Tell the Senate to cut the hand-outs to Big Oil and invest in clean energy today!

Send Stephen Johnson into the Recycling Bin!

Send EPA head Stephen Johnson into the Recycling Bin!

The EPA administrator is supposed to protect the environment ... not make things worse.  But Stephen Johnson has denied California and other states the right to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles, set a smog standard weaker than the agency's independent science advisors recommend, and more.  Let's save the planet -- by putting Stephen Johnson in the recycling bin!

No Free Pass for Global Warming Polluters!

Congress is working on legislation to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.  Some members of Congress want to include provisions that would give polluters hundreds of billions of dollars in free rights to pollute. Tell Congress no corporate welfare for polluters!
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Break the Trap


Is There a Trap in Your Wallet?

We all sign confusing contracts written in tiny print whenever we get a new credit card, cable service, insurance or even when we take a new job. Unfortunately, companies have started to slip Binding Mandatory Arbitration (BMA) clauses into the legalese. It may sound benign, but it?s not.
Tell Congress to protect consumers

Our health care system is sick.


Our Health Care System Is Sick

A remedy is in the works. The single payer health care system is the best way to address our broken system. Save yourself and the US billions of dollars in health care costs.

Tell your Representative to support HR 676

Write to Recall a Hazardous Nominee
Did You Know D.C. Residents Don't Have Senators?

More than half a million people live in the capital of the United States without voting representation in Congress even though they pay U.S. taxes, fight and die for the U.S. during wartime, and are governed by the laws that Congress passes.
Write to protect your health.
Tell Congress:
Protect Our Health and Health Safety

Give Health Experts the Authority to Act and Protect
Kate wants women to know about the risks of a less safe birth control pill.

A Movie and a Message from Kate

Birth control has had a tremendously positive impact on the lives of millions of women - and, generally, the benefits heavily outweigh the risks that are associated with the pill. But why are some women taking a pill that doubles the risk of blood clots compared to other pills? Well, there is no GOOD reason. I agree with Public Citizen - I think these newer drugs should be taken off the market. I'm telling everyone I know to get informed about their birth control. Watch my YouTube movie. If you want to make a difference, tell the FDA to ban the more dangerous versions of birth control pills and then spread the word. -- Kate, Public Citizen Employee

Find out why Carol stopped drugs prescribed to her by doctors.

Brush with Danger -- TWICE

"I stopped hormone replacement therapy in 1999. The furor! I was going to risk my heart, my bones! I still refused. Now there is nothing but, 'Don't take HRT' in the media. I told friends back in 1999 not to take it. They remember ? and they remember why I stopped." That wasn't the only time Carol told a doctor, "NO!"
Find out why Carol took drastic action.

Tell someone you know on HRT about Carol's story.

Tell Congress: No barriers to communicate with you.

Logic Puzzles
No Solution on Capitol Hill

Overwhelmed by mail,
lawmakers are challenging constitutents with logic puzzles when they write online. The outcry has been huge.

Tell your reps: Do Not Puzzle Me.


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