DeLay Outrage Center

Activists are angry and are willing to be quoted. Over 3000 have written their Reps since the indictment.  Here's what they are telling their elected officials:

Marina Del Rey, CA: Tom Delay's indictment came at least a decade after his corruption and influence-peddling was obvious, yet Congress failed to stop him or his crimes.  This has cost millions of tax dollars and the improvement of millions of lives. The US is no longer an admired democracy; to many Congress is a corrupt  bunch of rich politicians further enriching themselves and their friends at the regular citizens' expense.  Congress must reform now.  We are disgusted with this display.

Carrollton, GA: I think it is time for a Clean House! How can the most powerful member of the House have been admonished more than any sitting member of the House & still be the most powerful leader? I would like to see an independent, non-partisan investigation of these layers of corruption, along with stronger finance campaign regulations and a TOTAL reform of lobbying laws.

Elizabeth City, NC: Enough is enough of this despicable behavior.   Mr. DeLay ran for office to serve us, you will be honorable in all your dealings or you will be removed from office!  Prison time will not be the socialite camps as in the past, you may as well rub elbows with the rest of the thieves and thugs for you are no better. 

Chesterfield, MO: I'm 76, been actively informed and involved all my adult life. Clean up government? Apparently impossible. Our system isn't working. Is it time for a change?

Oklahoma City, OK: Why must this country have to continue to endure the shenanigans of the Bush Gang any further. . . .Tom DeLay is just the tip of the iceberg and the rot goes all the way to the top!

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