Want Your Issue to Be Seen by 71,000+ Online Activists
& PC Members?

Use this check list to get approved for mailing to PC Members and the Public Citizen Action Network. It's fast and it's easy.

(for internal use only, not linked anywhere, not for distribution)

  • Check for an available mailing time by going to the intranet advocacy calendar at: http://intranet.citizen.org/private/advocacy_calendar.cfmDo you want your issue included in a Citizen Direct activist update or in a stand alone alert? Don't know which is better for you? Confer with Royelen about options. If there is not an open spot for your alert, work with  Royelen to see if your issue can take precedence over previously scheduled alerts.
  • Enter your draft alert and blast e-mail into the DiA system.
  • Get the draft alert and blast e-mail approved by your supervisor.
  • Send the alert and blast to your own lists with test subject lines.
  • Use tests to identify best options for subject lines, best strategies (time of day, day of week, percentage of list, targetted districts, particular states, subject lines) for a potential email to PCAN and PC members.
  • If your list returns a good open rate, keep your alert in the advocacy calendar. If your mailing to your own list is not received well, talk with Royelen about testing options.
  • Membership and donation requests should be considered as a component of every campaign and included as appropriate
  • List building opportunities are considered (Care2, link swapping, spread the word).
  • Get the alert and blast e-mail as it appears to Royelen for final tweaking. Mail to PC Members and PCAN will go on PCAN branded templates.
  • Send the alert and blast e-mail as a DiA test to Angela who will look at the final draft for editorial comments.
  • If the mail to the entire list is to go, check with Royelen to make sure no other urgent items have come up which would change the schedule.
  • Royelen or her proxy will send your mail to the tests of the entire list and to the entire list of PCAN and PC members.
  • Enjoy the actions taken on your issues.