Public Citizen is a member of a non-profit called Democracy in Action (DiA). DiA provides a technological mechanism for people to write to members of Congress, the administration, the media and more. The organization is putting its staff to work to find a solution to the challenge posed by logic puzzles that some members of Congress require online writers to solve. If your elected rep is on the list below, you may want to call the office because your letter will not be delievered until DiA has figured out a technological solution to the challenge.

List of Congressional Offices Using Logic Puzzle Web Forms as reported 6/21/06:
US House
Neil Abercrombie, HI 1
Gary Ackerman, NY 5
Ben Chandler, NY 6
John Dingell, MI 15
Bob Etheridge, NC 2
Raul Grijalva, AZ 7
Luis Gutierrez, IL 4
John Larson, CT 1
Marsha Blackburn, TN 7
John Boozman, AR 3
Henry Brown, SC 1
Steve Buyer, IN 4
John Carter, TX 31
Steve Chabot, OH 1
Howard Coble, NC 6
Mike Conaway, TX 11
Ander Crenshaw, FL 4
Tom DeLay, TX 22
John Duncan, TN 2
Vernon Ehlers, MI 3
Phil English, PA 3
Jeff Flake, AZ 6
Trent Franks, AZ 2
Elton Gallegly, CA 24
Jim Gerlach, PA 6
Phil Gingrey, 11 GA
J.D. Hayworth, 5 AZ
Joel Hefley, 5 CO
Pete Hoekstra, 2 MI
Duncan Hunter, 52 CA
Bob Inglis, 4 SC
Nancy Johnson, 5 CT
Timothy Johnson, 15 IL
Sue Kelly, 19 NY
Don Manzullo, 16 IL
Michael McCaul, 10 TX
Charlie Norwood, 9 GA
Devin Nunes, 21 CA
Tom Osborne, 3 NE
Ed Royce, 40 CA
Jim Ryun, 2 KS
James Sensenbrenner, 5 WI
Clay Shaw, 22 FL
John Shimkus, 19 IL
Mike Simpson, 2 ID
Lynn Westmoreland, 8 GA
Frank Wolf, 10 VA
Jim Marshall, 3 GA
Carolyn McCarthy, 4 NY
James McGovern, 3 MA
Ed Pastor, 4 AZ
Linda Sanchez, 39 CA
Albert Wynn, 4 MD