Thank you so much for your commitment to reducing global warming. Already activists have made climate change a critical issue in the gubernatorial race this year and there has been a tremendous response to your calls for action! On July 26th Public Citizen held a press conference in front of the Capitol asking the candidates for their plans to cool global warming. Chris Bell has responded to our campaign, "We hear you!" He made an announcement on July 26th of his plans to expand the "Cool State" plank of his environmental platform. He is calling for tougher regulations to cut down CO2 emissions by 80%, and the promotion of coal gasification to reduce the number of traditional dirty coal plants that pollute our air. He also intends to expand the authority of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to enforce federal clean air standards, and will offer incentives for contractors in Texas to use materials in buildings that will emit less heat. Carole Strayhorn has acknowledged that Texas needs to look to "clean burning natural gas, wind energy, other renewables and energy conservation using the latest technology to meet our electricity needs." She is opposed to the fast tracking of permits for new coal plants, and would reverse Perry's executive order if elected Governor. She would also "appoint a clean air advocate to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and fight for clean energy using the latest technology to reduce pollution." As governor, Kinky Friedman would make investments in efficient, renewable technologies a priority, and look for ways to pass the cost savings on to taxpayers who have been hit with skyrocketing electric bills. He went on an environmental listening tour of Texas in mid-July focusing on environmental issues and renewable energy from across the state. We expect him to make a statement regarding the his environmental plan in the latter part of next week. Governor Perry has made no statement in response to our call for action, nor does he have an environmental plank in his platform. We need to keep the pressure up on Governor Perry to make climate change and Texas' air quality an important issue in the race for Governor.