Sign the Petition: Tell Infant Formula Makers to Stop Using Hospitals as Marketing Tools

Healthcare facilities shouldn’t market commercial products. Yet infant formula companies have coopted many hospitals and healthcare providers to market their products.

In the United States, the vast majority of birthing hospitals give away industry-provided samples of infant formula to new mothers after they give birth.

All major healthcare provider organizations recommend breastfeeding for at least the first six months of life. However, mothers who receive formula samples in the hospital are less likely to breastfeed exclusively and more likely to breastfeed for shorter durations. That’s why this kind of marketing is in violation of the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.

Infant formula companies are directly harming babies’ health and undermining the healthcare mission of hospitals by engaging in this destructive marketing practice.

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We, the undersigned, call on Abbott (maker of Similac), Mead Johnson (maker of Enfamil) and Nestle (maker of Gerber), to stop distributing samples of infant formula in healthcare facilities, including hospitals and other medical clinics. The immediate end of this practice would be a crucial initial step to become fully compliant with the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.

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Number Date Name Location Add a Comment
18091 Wed Dec 10 12:32:17 EST 2014 maegen storm Owatonna, MN
18090 Sun Dec 07 21:17:10 EST 2014 Marissa Gray Youngstown, OH
18089 Sun Dec 07 00:24:53 EST 2014 John Taylor Jr Panama City Beach, FL
18088 Wed Dec 03 05:43:26 EST 2014 sarah martin sackets harbor, NY
18087 Mon Nov 24 14:37:30 EST 2014 Shawnellen Krajcik Springfield, MA
18086 Thu Nov 20 09:50:37 EST 2014 Eliza Minden NY Support breastfeeding and we will have less sickness and less obesity.
18085 Wed Nov 19 16:28:49 EST 2014 samantha hines Bentonville, AR Hospital's marketing a product that negatively impacts children's health is a conflict or intrest. Formula can be a valuable tool, but the wide spread marketing push of formula is a disservice to infant More....
18084 Wed Nov 19 16:24:22 EST 2014 Anonymous AR
18083 Wed Nov 19 16:09:41 EST 2014 Eva Charles Bentonville, AR
18082 Wed Nov 19 16:05:23 EST 2014 Tawny Mullikin Bella Vista, AR
18081 Wed Nov 19 11:39:13 EST 2014 Annie Havner Osage Beach, MO
18080 Wed Nov 19 11:24:30 EST 2014 Patricia DeLuca Nokomis, FL
18079 Tue Nov 18 03:15:56 EST 2014 Brittanie Bautista Cypress, TX Every woman deserves a real shot at breastfeeding. Please help them get that.
18078 Tue Nov 11 14:35:35 EST 2014 Susan Courrejou Salinas, CA This is me, the petition says it all.
18077 Sat Nov 08 11:05:08 EST 2014 Susan Courrejou Salinas, CA
18076 Fri Nov 07 16:40:52 EST 2014 Amber WA
18075 Thu Nov 06 14:11:10 EST 2014 Merissa Meade SPRING LAKE, NC
18074 Wed Nov 05 18:10:35 EST 2014 Kathleen Fields Rockledge, FL
18073 Sun Nov 02 20:34:10 EST 2014 Anonymous VA
18072 Sat Nov 01 13:51:22 EDT 2014 Rosalie Pierce St Paul, MN
18071 Mon Oct 27 01:12:33 EDT 2014 LAURA Moore saint helens , OR
18070 Sat Oct 25 03:13:27 EDT 2014 Luca Lambertucci Rome, ot
18069 Thu Oct 23 15:54:05 EDT 2014 Elaine Fredrick MN
18068 Sat Oct 11 01:47:14 EDT 2014 Lacrecia Montgomery Indianapolis, IN For the health of our babies and their mothers, it is imperative that we stop the marketing of artificial baby milk in hospitals and doctor's offices. Breastfeeding should be the gold standard and the More....
18067 Wed Oct 08 14:48:23 EDT 2014 Anonymous Largo, FL
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