Derail the Trans-Pacific Partnership

No backroom deals for the 1%

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement talks resume this September in Leesburg, Virginia. Once again, negotiations will take place with the public locked out and the texts held in tight secrecy, meanwhile over 600 corporate have regular access to the negotiating texts. On the table is a veritable smorgasbord of extreme new corporate rights to slam the 99%. Tell Ron Kirk to release the text of the TPP draft texts to ensure that public health and access to life-saving medicines aren’t on the bargaining table.

Sign the TPP Petition below

Dear U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk:

Americans deserve the right to know what U.S. trade negotiators are proposing in our name.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement is likely to impact jobs, wages, agriculture, migration, the environment, access to medicine, consumer safety, banking regulations, indigenous rights, Internet freedom, government procurement and more. A pact this far-reaching should be negotiated in the most transparent and participatory manner possible.

Please publicly release all the TPP proposals now.


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1-25 of 1566 signatures
Number Date Name Location
1566 Thu Sep 15 04:44:05 EDT 2016 Keian Silva CA
1565 Sun Jul 24 20:34:41 EDT 2016 Elizabeth Kafka VA
1564 Mon Apr 04 05:07:26 EDT 2016 Amya Johnson IA
1563 Sat Jun 27 06:05:13 EDT 2015 Brenna MO
1562 Thu Jun 25 15:53:32 EDT 2015 Mark Chafin FL
1561 Wed Jun 24 12:15:35 EDT 2015 Chris Fontenot LA
1560 Fri Jun 19 21:02:59 EDT 2015 dawn myer NY Just say NO to TPP it is not a good idea Anything done in secret is not fair to the people.
1559 Fri Jun 12 18:41:50 EDT 2015 Anonymous CA
1558 Fri Jun 12 10:51:44 EDT 2015 wayne johnson OH
1557 Sat Jun 06 13:21:14 EDT 2015 Anonymous MI
1556 Fri Jun 05 13:45:15 EDT 2015 Anonymous MI If the TPP goes through in spite of what Americans want, can we get out of it with a new Congress?
1555 Thu May 21 08:57:42 EDT 2015 John Plesa CA This back room deal making has GOT TO STOP!
1554 Wed May 13 13:32:56 EDT 2015 Hollis Potts CA
1553 Mon May 11 16:00:36 EDT 2015 Anonymous NY
1552 Sun May 10 09:25:27 EDT 2015 Aleta Kennedy WA
1551 Sat May 02 14:29:24 EDT 2015 Jeanne Maleski NC If it wasn't for the people government would not have a job,like most of us!Once you get your job we don't matter anymore. All of you think we are dumb,well we are not!STOP THE KILLINGS,LEAVE OUR FREEDOMS More....
1550 Wed Apr 22 15:06:49 EDT 2015 Anonymous MA
1549 Wed Apr 22 08:02:52 EDT 2015 Suzanne FL
1548 Tue Apr 21 19:45:17 EDT 2015 Matthew Wengraitis MA Please show us that America is still about representing people more than special interests.
1547 Mon Apr 20 11:58:25 EDT 2015 Anonymous CA
1546 Fri Apr 17 20:01:05 EDT 2015 Erin Sands CA
1545 Thu Apr 16 22:21:46 EDT 2015 Morgan Velba NJ
1544 Thu Apr 16 18:50:21 EDT 2015 jenny imhoof CA
1543 Sun Apr 12 11:27:37 EDT 2015 Anonymous FL Please just put America back to work.
1542 Sun Apr 12 10:57:45 EDT 2015 Joanie Calem OH
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