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Tell your stories about the sale of advertising or naming rights in your community

Faced with budget shortfalls, cities and states are offering public spaces up to corporate America’s marketers, hoping for a quick buck. Across the country, plans are in the works to sell advertising on bridges, tunnels, fire trucks, schools and just about every other type of public space. Sites that belong to the public—that embody public values and reflect shared histories—are becoming nothing more than billboards.

Even though public officials often claim that they desperately need the added revenue, these schemes rarely bring in significant revenue. For example, advertising in schools often generates just a tiny fraction of one percent of district budgets.

Is your city for sale? Is your state up for grabs to the highest bidder? Post your stories about the sale of advertising or naming rights in your community’s public spaces, such as parks, roads, bridges, schools, emergency vehicles, etc.

Once you’ve shared your story, find out how you can take action in your community to resist this dangerous trend.

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Be sure to include the name of the city, state, or other public entity to which you are referring.

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Number Date Name Location Share your story
84 Sat Feb 21 22:07:07 EST 2015 Ashley Bostyan Rochester, MN
83 Sun Feb 08 12:12:20 EST 2015 Melanie Myjak Flint, MI Our beautiful landscapes are littered with consumerism and commercialism. Preserve our natural resources.
82 Sun Dec 07 00:37:22 EST 2014 John Taylor Jr Panama City Beach, FL
81 Mon Oct 13 14:07:21 EDT 2014 Yuan Hao Wong Singapore, Ads everywhere. But also data!
80 Wed Oct 08 14:52:49 EDT 2014 Anonymous Largo, FL
79 Mon Sep 29 11:18:38 EDT 2014 Anonymous Cleveland, TN In the SE TN, N Ga areas around these areas of Native American historic Red Clay State park, and areas around it such as Apsion, E. Brainerd, E. Hamilton, Summit, Collegedale, Ooltewah, Harrison Bay State More....
78 Thu Sep 25 15:27:07 EDT 2014 april robertson cleburne, TX
77 Sun Jul 20 10:55:35 EDT 2014 Mary Hebblewhite Sandy Springs, GA Our aesthetic and moral values are assaulted by billboards. In Sandy Springs there's a billboard showing a closeup of a woman's breasts in a pretty lacy expensive looking push up ad for a shop0 More....
76 Sun Jun 15 18:27:56 EDT 2014 John Michael Brennan Dallas, TX
75 Tue Apr 29 14:00:24 EDT 2014 Alexis Maestre-Saborit Fort Myers, FL
74 Thu Apr 10 13:09:08 EDT 2014 Anonymous Leander, TX
73 Tue Feb 25 23:25:36 EST 2014 Debbie Jones Pulaski, NY
72 Mon Jan 06 20:00:50 EST 2014 Carmen Alvarado Burke, VA
71 Sun Dec 15 19:56:06 EST 2013 James Harding Cedar Falls, IA
70 Tue Dec 03 22:34:10 EST 2013 Vito Marinelli Brooklyn, NY
69 Mon Dec 02 03:47:39 EST 2013 Anonymous Campbell, CA
68 Fri Oct 04 10:42:46 EDT 2013 Corey Booth Clinton, IA
67 Mon Aug 19 02:26:58 EDT 2013 Jennifer Calvo Valley Stream, NY
66 Fri Aug 02 14:24:05 EDT 2013 Desta Waldu Boston, MA
65 Tue Jul 23 10:44:08 EDT 2013 JOHN C. RUSSO OAKDALE, NY
64 Sat Jul 06 14:18:49 EDT 2013 Jon Nelson New York, NY
63 Sun Jun 16 09:00:12 EDT 2013 c. connor mac, FL The commercial signs are distracting & ugly.
62 Mon May 20 19:10:53 EDT 2013 carol jagiello bloomingdale, NJ
61 Mon May 20 14:06:08 EDT 2013 Dennis Hartenstine Birdsboro, PA
60 Thu May 02 21:09:17 EDT 2013 sandra miller spokane, WA The bombardment of ads on city transit buses in the town I'm from, Spokane WA, and in the city my brother lives in, Richland, WA is overwhelming. If they were putting up public service announcements that More....
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