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Let’s Get Back to Commercial-Free Schools

Across the country, many school districts face significant budget shortfalls. Seeking alternative sources of revenue, growing numbers of districts are allowing corporations to advertise on school properties. Eager to target a potentially lucrative market, advertisers are marketing their products in school cafeterias, athletic stadiums, on school buses, on lockers, and even in classrooms.

Schools are no place for advertising. Allowing commercialism to infiltrate schools undermines their educational mission. Kids learn market values instead of civic values. And, often, it is junk food makers that are most eager to advertise in schools. In an already hyper-commercialized world, children need schools to be a sanctuary from the onslaught of advertising they face everywhere else.

To make matters worse, in-school advertising schemes rarely raise significant revenue for school districts. When they permit advertising, districts are left in the same financial hole they began in, but now their students’ education has been compromised.

Some things shouldn’t be for sale.

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We, the undersigned, believe that commercial advertising has no place in schools. We call on school district officials to reject all plans to allow commercial advertising on school properties.

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1-25 of 15530 signatures
Number Date Name Location Add a Comment
15530 Sat Jan 28 15:16:54 EST 2017 Renee Cicerchi Strafford, NH
15529 Tue Mar 15 13:42:52 EDT 2016 Alec Hamilton Oakland, CA Advertisements in schools are harmful to schools, are distracting for students, and useless for everyone.
15528 Wed Mar 09 09:05:01 EST 2016 Anonymous Foley, AL No advertising in schools
15527 Sat Feb 13 19:06:43 EST 2016 Ivan Helfman Canton, MI
15526 Wed Nov 11 02:21:21 EST 2015 Anonymous danville, CA Yes, and the same goes for fundraisers -- and *free* software and apps that our children are exposed to by folks that shouldn't actually be making those decisions to accept it...down with the ads our kids More....
15525 Sat Sep 05 08:54:05 EDT 2015 Erica Gorham, ME Critical thinking should be taught to the students so they can understand the difference between fair information and persuasion tactics.
15524 Fri Jul 24 19:19:25 EDT 2015 Nancy Hall Fowler, IN
15523 Sun Jun 21 09:31:49 EDT 2015 Paul Ratana NV Please also limit inappropriate commercial advertisings around or nearby our kid school environment. They can also mislead our kids
15522 Thu Jun 18 19:15:53 EDT 2015 Anonymous Binghamton, NY
15521 Tue Apr 14 10:57:49 EDT 2015 Anonymous Harrisburg, PA
15520 Sun Apr 12 19:46:53 EDT 2015 Ellyn Gibbs Stanchfield, MN
15519 Tue Mar 31 23:40:32 EDT 2015 Melchizedek Shelp Richardson, TX This is intentional defunding to force schools to seek monies from other sources.
15518 Wed Mar 18 12:05:11 EDT 2015 Elana Peled Georgetown, MA
15517 Tue Mar 03 09:43:49 EST 2015 Gina Schultz Winder, GA
15516 Fri Feb 06 11:22:22 EST 2015 Larry East Saint Louis, IL
15515 Wed Oct 08 23:08:02 EDT 2014 Lucas Brown Gaylord, MI
15514 Sat Aug 16 23:55:01 EDT 2014 Dalton Wood Easley, SC
15513 Sat Aug 16 11:40:56 EDT 2014 Renee Smith Conway, SC
15512 Sun May 18 19:21:56 EDT 2014 B S louisville, CO Instead of being exposed to various kinds of branding in school, perhaps it would be better for students actually to be taught things that matter-- like how to think critically and reject this kind of More....
15511 Mon May 05 14:19:51 EDT 2014 David Arntson Bothell, WA
15510 Sun May 04 20:22:52 EDT 2014 Barb Baird rayland, OH
15509 Sun May 04 16:38:52 EDT 2014 Julian Chazin San Pablo,, CA
15508 Sun May 04 16:24:51 EDT 2014 Connie Metcalf Fridley, MN
15507 Sat Apr 05 23:53:22 EDT 2014 Mary Garland Phoenixville, PA
15506 Wed Mar 12 11:52:02 EDT 2014 Jeanne Fleigle Ramsey, MN
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