Wall Street Can’t Be Trusted to Regulate Itself

Thank the Schneiderman Task Force for Standing Up to Wall Street


First steps are finally being taken to hold one of the Big Banks accountable for its role in causing the economic collapse.

A joint federal and state task force, led by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, has filed suit against Bear Stearns — now owned by JPMorgan Chase — alleging systemic fraud, deceit and recklessness that ripped off investors and devastated homeowners across the nation.

It’s an excellent, if long delayed, first step. But more must be done.

No Big Bank CEO is too big to jail.

Add your name below to thank Schneiderman and press for further charges against the Big Banks.


We, the undersigned, applaud New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for taking the first step toward holding Wall Street accountable by filing suit against Bear Stearns & Company for its fraud and deceptive practices.

However, for the millions of Americans who, because of Wall Street’s recklessness, lost their savings, their homes, their jobs and their very way of life, this single civil suit against one Big Bank is not enough.

We also urge the Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Working Group and other prosecutors to take the next steps: Pursue criminal charges against Bear Stearns and other Big Banks who perpetrated the financial crisis.

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Number Date Name Add a Comment
9381 Thu Sep 05 16:11:07 EDT 2013 Robert Hodge
9380 Mon Jul 15 19:09:33 EDT 2013 Gail Barraco Don't stop there Attorney General Schneidermann! Reduce all mortgages to current market value. The big banks were bailed out on our backs and we were given nothing in return. Make them pay for the damage More....
9379 Fri Jun 07 14:08:23 EDT 2013 Alana Horowitz Friedman
9378 Fri Jun 07 13:11:57 EDT 2013 Sarah LaMoy
9377 Sun May 05 14:46:59 EDT 2013 Tammy Bullard Its about time this has been looked at. The greed at other peoples expense is ridiculous. Give us faith in this country again!!!
9376 Sun Mar 10 10:01:06 EDT 2013 Patricia Pafundi We lost 2/3 of our retirement thanks to Citibank's Smith Barney.
9375 Wed Feb 27 05:12:09 EST 2013 Clover Catskill
9373 Fri Feb 15 20:31:42 EST 2013 K. Arnone
9372 Sat Feb 09 22:50:39 EST 2013 Anonymous Thank you!
9371 Mon Feb 04 19:43:48 EST 2013 Anonymous
9370 Sat Feb 02 02:31:52 EST 2013 Linda Jones
9369 Thu Jan 31 19:42:19 EST 2013 Richard Atwater Give Sen Jeff Merkley (D-OR) some credit too, he immediately demanded Holder justify the action.
9368 Mon Jan 28 12:57:16 EST 2013 Catherine Hart
9367 Fri Jan 25 11:35:48 EST 2013 Israel Valdez
9366 Thu Jan 24 19:32:45 EST 2013 Robert Redfield
9365 Thu Jan 24 18:44:56 EST 2013 Anonymous
9364 Thu Jan 24 15:36:17 EST 2013 Elizabeth Field
9363 Thu Jan 24 15:35:17 EST 2013 Carol Kelley
9362 Wed Jan 16 07:46:21 EST 2013 Paul J
9361 Wed Jan 16 07:39:30 EST 2013 Harry Leffmann
9360 Mon Jan 14 12:52:33 EST 2013 Mike Stone
9359 Sat Jan 12 09:47:39 EST 2013 Steve Branch
9358 Sat Dec 29 15:21:28 EST 2012 Mary Holm
9357 Sat Dec 22 15:10:25 EST 2012 Jim Brown
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