Tell Presidential Debate Moderator Bob Schieffer to Break the Silence on Climate Change

The American People Need to Know How Candidates Will Address Climate Change if Elected

The final debate on October 22 will focus on foreign policy. And U.S. military planners’ have warned that climate change poses massive threats to global security.

Thus far, both moderators and the candidates have avoided the serious domestic implications of our changing climate pattern. But climate change is a global issue with significant geopolitical impacts.

Sign the petition urging debate moderator Bob Schieffer to ask the presidential candidates to tell us their plans to address climate change.

We the undersigned, call on Bob Schieffer to press the candidates on the national security threat that has yet be addressed: climate change.

The Defense Department has labeled climate change a prominent military vulnerability and an “accelerant of instability and conflict.”

A task force established by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense has warned that failure to anticipate and mitigate these changes in climate patterns, “increases the threat of more failed states with the instabilities and potential for conflict inherent in such failures.”

Climate change is a foreign policy issue and a discussion of how leadership is going to address it, must be included in the October 22 debate.

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