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Don’t Let BP Off the Hook: Demand BP’s Suspension From Federal Contracts

In response to BP’s guilty plea to a range of criminal violations, the government has temporarily suspended the corporation from bidding on lucrative federal contracts.

BP is the Pentagon’s top fuel supplier and one of the government’s top 100 contractors, receiving $1.47 billion worth of federal money in 2011. This year alone — while under investigation for its role in the Gulf disaster — BP has won $1.1 billion in federal contracts.

BP has announced to its shareholders that it is in negotiations with the government to quickly resolve and lift the suspension.

Public Citizen is calling on the EPA to ban BP from federal contracts for five years before reconsidering the corporation’s contractor eligibility.

Sign petition to the EPA demanding BP is banned from federal contracts

We, the undersigned, urge you to debar BP, as the 14 criminal guilty pleas and past criminal history demonstrate BP to be a nonresponsbile entity.

This debarment should last through the company’s five year criminal probation period, and should include access to new government oil and natural gas leases, in addition to contracts.

It is clear that, as a repeat criminal felon, BP no longer can be trusted to effectively serve as a contractor or as a federal leaseholder. Its promises to do better going forward are not a sufficient basis for finding that it is a responsible entity.

After all BP has done, only a demonstrated record of responsible conduct over a period of years can satisfy that threshold.

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