Help Make Senators Aware of Trans-Pacific Partnership Secrecy

Request a Copy of the TPP Draft Text From Your Senators

President Obama and his counterparts in countries across the Pacific have called for completion of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations this October. Leaks have shown the TPP is shaping up to be a NAFTA-on-steroids: Millions more offshored jobs, unsafe food and products flooding into our borders, bans on “Buy American” policies and much more.

Six hundred official corporate advisors have access to the text while the public, press and even Congress are being kept in the dark.

Help raise awareness of the dangers and secrecy of the TPP in Congress by writing your senators requesting a copy of the TPP draft texts.

Citizen protests TPP secrecy at March 19, 2013 Senate Finance Committee hearing on the president’s 2013 trade agenda.

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