Tell Your Representative: Support Fair Elections Now!

After you make your call for the Fair Elections Now Act (H.R. 1826), let us know how it went with a brief note here. We will use your input to strategize for our campaign moving forward. Thanks so much for your activism!

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Number Date Name Please tell us how your call ...
25 Mon Sep 27 20:10:15 EDT 2010 Diana Brunswig-Bosso Representative Carnahan's aide said she would give my view points on H.R. 1826 to him but did not know if he supported it or not.
24 Thu Sep 23 18:26:02 EDT 2010 Jason Taylor I received these email responses from Senator Claire McCaskill and Senator Kit Bond...
Thank you for contacting me regarding publicly financed elections. I appreciate hearing from you, and welcome More....
23 Thu Sep 23 09:24:19 EDT 2010 Lee Baker The telephone aide took my information and my request that Rep. Brad Miller support HR 1826. I asked for a response since he does not give his views over the telephone.
22 Wed Sep 22 12:41:33 EDT 2010 Robert Sacco Called Cong. Nadler, don't know his position but he usually votes liberal.
21 Wed Sep 22 11:12:10 EDT 2010 Anonymous Called Congressman McNerney's office yesterday. The call went as expected, with the person answering the phone saying that she will pass my message on to the Congressman. I asked if the office had received More....
20 Tue Sep 21 16:18:46 EDT 2010 Deanna Homer The person who answered said he thinks the bill is in committee, but he will pass on my message to support it to Rep. Lucas.
19 Tue Sep 21 15:29:23 EDT 2010 Derek Gendvil I called Rep. Titus's office twice to make sure that she knows everything so that this bill must be passed & that we get the corporations out of our elections. We know the current systems are flawed, but More....
18 Tue Sep 21 14:14:05 EDT 2010 Peter Gawronski I called and asked that Representative Baird support the Fair Elections Now Act (HR 1826), and they said they'd pass the message along. They also asked if there was anything else they could do More....
17 Tue Sep 21 13:20:53 EDT 2010 Sean Kennedy Becerra has not come out in support of HR 1826. And he won't sign the anti-corruption pledge either. I won't vote for him.
16 Tue Sep 21 13:09:07 EDT 2010 Roxanne Warren very nicely.
15 Tue Sep 21 12:56:58 EDT 2010 Kristen Evers Rep Bill Young's office took my name and address and assured me they would inform Rep Young of my desire he support HR 1826. He should know I will be checking up on him to see how he weighs in over time More....
14 Tue Sep 21 12:27:18 EDT 2010 James Mc Fadden I called John Garamendi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein. I not only asked for support for H.R. 1826, but also for ending the abortion ban that blocks women in the military from using their own money More....
13 Tue Sep 21 12:00:37 EDT 2010 Carlos Olivares Left a message for Rep. Connie Mack to support HR 1826. They didn't need my address.
12 Tue Sep 21 11:53:38 EDT 2010 Will Cooper An aide in Rep. Danny K. Davis's office said she'd pass the message to support H.R. 1826 along to him.
11 Tue Sep 21 11:48:22 EDT 2010 Matthew Lipschik The operator in Rep. Weiner's office said he'd pass along the message to support H.R. 1826. He said that he did not know Rep. Weiner's position on the bill.
10 Tue Sep 21 11:28:31 EDT 2010 Boris Dirnbach Staffer said my message of support for HR 1826 would be passed along.
9 Tue Sep 21 10:37:33 EDT 2010 Teresa Blakely I left a message for Rep. Kilroy stating that since Citizens United we need public financing of campaigns more than ever.
8 Tue Sep 21 10:36:42 EDT 2010 Gail Bedinger Had trouble with the operator number so just called directly. All the guy said was "thank you. I will pass that along."
7 Tue Sep 21 10:00:02 EDT 2010 Jerry Hite Fine
6 Tue Sep 21 09:57:34 EDT 2010 Darlene Jakusz Left a message with Dave Obey's secretary.
5 Tue Sep 21 09:49:04 EDT 2010 Susan Mullins I said that R Pascrell should not only support that act, but start another one that has us ALL pay more taxes (corporations included) that go into a big pot to finance taxes ONLY contributions More....
4 Tue Sep 21 09:19:39 EDT 2010 Roberta Schonemann left a message for Congressman Buyer
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