Tell Your Members of Congress to Support an Open Super Committee

Sign Up Today to Visit Your Member's Office

Thanks for joining us to demand transparency from the Super Committee. One of the most effective ways to make an impact is to visit your local congressional office and deliver a message, person-to-person, to your representative.

We urge you to deliver the following message to your member of Congress:

The Super Committee and its members should post, online:

1. Live webcasts of all official meetings and hearings
2. The Committee's report should be posted for 72 hours before a final committee vote
3. Disclosure of every meeting held with lobbyists and other powerful interests
4. Disclosure of campaign contributions as they are received (on their campaign web sites)
5. Financial disclosures of Committee members and staffers

After signing up, we'll give you some helpful tips on how to make the most of your visit to the office.

This petition is no longer active.