Eliminate Eric Cantor’s Insider Trading Loophole

Sign the Petition to Support a Strong STOCK Act

Both houses of Congress passed the STOCK Act, the bill that would stop congressional insider trading.

But the version that passed in the House is substantially weaker than the version that passed in the Senate. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) did his campaign funders on Wall Street a huge favor by including a loophole for lobbyists and hedge fund managers who trade on congressional insider information.

We can defeat Cantor’s loophole, which would allow Wall Street’s minions to prowl the halls of Congress in search of insider info that can be turned to cash on the stock market.

Show your support for a strong STOCK Act.

Sign the petition to demand that Congress eliminate Cantor’s Wall Street insider trading loophole.


We, the undersigned, call on Congress to send to the President’s desk a strong STOCK Act. Reject Rep. Eric Cantor’s version, and oppose his loophole that would allow Wall Street minions to prowl the halls of Congress in search of inside information. To restore confidence in government, we need Congress to pass sweeping ethics legislation without loopholes carved out for special interests.

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48846 Sun Sep 30 12:31:09 EDT 2012 M Andrus
48845 Mon Sep 10 20:50:30 EDT 2012 Anonymous
48844 Sun Sep 02 20:00:47 EDT 2012 Anonymous
48843 Wed Aug 15 15:53:54 EDT 2012 Judy Dixon Eric Cantor is so disgusting -- he must be stopped. Why isn't this being made more public?
48842 Fri Jul 20 15:29:58 EDT 2012 Anonymous I hope now that the rest of the american public see's now really who's to blame for the economy. THE HOUSE DO NOTHING REPUBLICANS!
48841 Tue Jul 17 15:54:40 EDT 2012 Carlos Cunha
48840 Tue Jul 10 21:32:42 EDT 2012 K. Arnone
48839 Tue Jul 03 01:03:11 EDT 2012 merrell gerber
48838 Mon Jun 25 13:44:46 EDT 2012 Yvette Sherer
48837 Thu Jun 21 21:18:20 EDT 2012 K. Arnone
48836 Thu Jun 21 21:04:04 EDT 2012 K. Arnone
48835 Tue Jun 19 13:39:10 EDT 2012 Ellyn Musser
48834 Sun Jun 17 13:11:33 EDT 2012 Lauren Tozzi
48833 Thu May 31 10:49:56 EDT 2012 Marcella Ciucki
48832 Thu May 31 05:16:25 EDT 2012 Brian Williams
48831 Thu May 31 04:59:50 EDT 2012 Brian Williams
48830 Fri May 25 19:42:08 EDT 2012 Marcella Ciucki
48829 Mon May 21 19:45:09 EDT 2012 Dennis Johnston
48828 Thu May 17 00:32:02 EDT 2012 Apryl Mefford-Hemauer
48827 Mon May 14 12:24:14 EDT 2012 Catherine Hart
48826 Thu May 10 19:57:07 EDT 2012 Robert Sullivan Please don't forget that you're employed by and supposed to represent US, the American people, ALL of us.
48825 Thu May 10 14:49:45 EDT 2012 Catherine Hart
48824 Mon May 07 23:21:15 EDT 2012 Anonymous In a time of WAR the GOP members of congress have committed treason in the highest degree by BREAKING our country!
48823 Sun May 06 09:53:29 EDT 2012 Daniel Jankowski
48822 Thu May 03 01:07:12 EDT 2012 Bobbette Mack
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