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In a set of recent decisions, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against labels on meat, dolphin-safe labels on tuna, and the ban on sweet-flavored cigarettes designed to combat youth smoking. [Learn more]

These are the policies we rely on to allow us to protect children’s health and make informed decisions as consumers. Under current rules, the U.S. will have to water down or eliminate these policies, or face trade sanctions.

Take the pledge and stand up to the WTO's attack on our consumer rights.

Tell your friends and family to sign the pledge as well. The more names that sign on, the better chance we'll have of gaining the attention of the public, media, President Obama and Congress. We'll do our part to shine the spotlight on your terrific work. This is only the beginning of all of our efforts.

Sign the Consumer Rights Pledge:

In a matter of months, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against three popular U.S. consumer policies: our country-of-origin labels on meat; dolphin-safe tuna labels; and a ban on sweet-flavored cigarettes that were marketed to lure teens to start smoking.

Previously, we’ve seen this global commerce agency facilitate offshoring of jobs to low-wage countries and rule against a series of health and environmental laws around the world. Now the WTO has even ruled against consumers’ basic right to know where products come from and how they are produced.

Enough is enough!

When the WTO rules against a policy, countries are pressured to water down or eliminate their laws. Our government must not cave in and follow a WTO order to gut our laws, if necessary by eliminating any funding to make a WTO-ordered roll back possible.

I pledge NOT to support trade deals that include similar anti-consumer provisions.

I also pledge to alert my community and my elected representatives to the WTO attacks on our consumer policies.


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Number Date Name Location
3899 Sat Apr 13 18:18:53 EDT 2013 Sherrylee Felger Port Orford, OR Our sovereignty is under attack by these trade organizations and 'free trade' treaties. I implore everyone to spread the word that they are a bigger threat than the United Nations, which is being used More....
3898 Sat Apr 13 17:02:47 EDT 2013 jeff hopkins Lindenhurst, IL
3897 Sat Apr 13 15:04:46 EDT 2013 Candace Tice-Tomasik Toms River, NJ It is an outrage that any organization has the ability to prohibit this country from continuing our consumer policies such as country-of-origin labels on meat, dolphin-safe tuna labels and a ban of sweet-flavored More....
3896 Sat Apr 13 11:23:27 EDT 2013 Siobhan Justin Mentor, OH
3895 Fri Apr 12 20:03:04 EDT 2013 James Mulcare Clarkston, WA
3894 Fri Apr 12 16:45:11 EDT 2013 Lynne Tracy Delray Beach, FL
3893 Fri Apr 12 10:25:21 EDT 2013 Anonymous Dallas, TX yes i would also like to help Steve he was and ex teacher he gave me a cup of coffee and a muffin this was not taken as bribe. this took place in front of Tom Thumb's. Japan Patent Office has this information More....
3892 Thu Apr 11 17:44:15 EDT 2013 Walter Hall Zavalla, TX
3891 Sat Apr 06 17:51:34 EDT 2013 Patricia Hughes Rensselaer, NY We are watching the action of your orders, we are awake and aware.
3890 Tue Apr 02 17:59:18 EDT 2013 Carmen I Alvarado Burke, VA
3889 Fri Mar 29 19:20:33 EDT 2013 Zabrina Kidd Chamblee, NY We deserve to know where our food comes from~!
3888 Thu Mar 28 18:42:22 EDT 2013 Matthew Biljanic Kearns, UT lets talk directly to the members of wto, face to face , where ever they go, day and night
3887 Wed Mar 27 21:20:31 EDT 2013 Marianne Castiglia Hudson, FL
3886 Mon Feb 25 20:50:08 EST 2013 Louis Saksefski cincinnati, OH Freedom is not free/Dont tread on me/Power to the people.
3885 Sat Feb 23 00:26:44 EST 2013 Richard Kapus Ketchikan, AK
3884 Mon Feb 18 15:31:26 EST 2013 Walter Ward Longwood, FL
3883 Mon Feb 18 09:50:08 EST 2013 Arlene Hickory Lake Bluff, IL
3882 Sat Feb 16 14:55:45 EST 2013 janus matthes sebastopol, CA Greed is a mental illness, not a virtue. Localize don't globalize.
3881 Sat Feb 16 13:45:02 EST 2013 Peg Hobbs Washingtonp, ME
3880 Mon Feb 04 18:14:37 EST 2013 Sherri Stears Ballston Spa, NY
3879 Thu Jan 10 13:30:20 EST 2013 Steve Knievel Frederick, MD
3878 Mon Jan 07 03:05:17 EST 2013 Francisca James Heranndez Tucson, AZ
3877 Fri Dec 21 14:02:29 EST 2012 Cathleen Bataille TOMS RIVER, NJ
3876 Sun Dec 02 21:07:44 EST 2012 Jaclyn Green Oakland, NJ
3875 Sat Oct 27 13:35:24 EDT 2012 Ron Austin Franklin, MI
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