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In a set of recent decisions, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against labels on meat, dolphin-safe labels on tuna, and the ban on sweet-flavored cigarettes designed to combat youth smoking. [Learn more]

These are the policies we rely on to allow us to protect children’s health and make informed decisions as consumers. Under current rules, the U.S. will have to water down or eliminate these policies, or face trade sanctions.

Take the pledge and stand up to the WTO's attack on our consumer rights.

Tell your friends and family to sign the pledge as well. The more names that sign on, the better chance we'll have of gaining the attention of the public, media, President Obama and Congress. We'll do our part to shine the spotlight on your terrific work. This is only the beginning of all of our efforts.

Sign the Consumer Rights Pledge:

In a matter of months, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against three popular U.S. consumer policies: our country-of-origin labels on meat; dolphin-safe tuna labels; and a ban on sweet-flavored cigarettes that were marketed to lure teens to start smoking.

Previously, we’ve seen this global commerce agency facilitate offshoring of jobs to low-wage countries and rule against a series of health and environmental laws around the world. Now the WTO has even ruled against consumers’ basic right to know where products come from and how they are produced.

Enough is enough!

When the WTO rules against a policy, countries are pressured to water down or eliminate their laws. Our government must not cave in and follow a WTO order to gut our laws, if necessary by eliminating any funding to make a WTO-ordered roll back possible.

I pledge NOT to support trade deals that include similar anti-consumer provisions.

I also pledge to alert my community and my elected representatives to the WTO attacks on our consumer policies.


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Number Date Name Location
3824 Mon May 28 14:46:14 EDT 2012 Klaus Steinbrecher Angel Fire, NM
3823 Sat May 26 22:35:30 EDT 2012 Brandon Becker Cary, NC
3822 Sat May 26 14:11:37 EDT 2012 Kenneth Kuskey San Juan Capistrano, CA
3821 Sat May 26 13:03:00 EDT 2012 elizabeth reindollar Laurel, MD our right to good health FAR outweighs companies' rights to profits
3820 Tue May 22 03:31:07 EDT 2012 Ronald Sverdlove Princeton, NJ
3819 Wed May 16 19:13:12 EDT 2012 Karen Bravo Park Ridge, IL
3818 Tue May 15 17:06:35 EDT 2012 Ankara Orr Boise, ID
3817 Mon May 14 14:42:48 EDT 2012 Jeremiah Millikan Moorhead, MN
3816 Sun May 13 17:57:38 EDT 2012 L. Steele Olathe, CO
3815 Sun May 13 00:45:15 EDT 2012 Carley Broder New York, NY
3814 Sun May 13 00:42:17 EDT 2012 Carley Broder New York, NY
3813 Sat May 12 23:32:25 EDT 2012 Carley Broder New York, NY
3812 Sat May 12 21:52:10 EDT 2012 Vickie Fadness Genesee, ID
3811 Sat May 12 18:20:04 EDT 2012 Rob Nash Albuquerque, NM
3810 Sat May 12 16:28:20 EDT 2012 Greg Zyzanski Lyndhurst, OH
3809 Fri May 11 10:49:08 EDT 2012 Alice McKaig Rising Fawn, GA
3808 Wed May 09 19:07:29 EDT 2012 Karen Bravo Park Ridge, IL
3807 Tue May 08 11:00:13 EDT 2012 Jill M Reese Tucson, AZ
3806 Wed May 02 21:21:14 EDT 2012 Robyn Sharpe MATTAPAN, MA
3805 Wed May 02 20:39:21 EDT 2012 Bill Miller Las Vegas, NV
3804 Tue May 01 00:30:12 EDT 2012 cyndi Fritzler Lakewood, CO
3803 Mon Apr 30 21:28:56 EDT 2012 jeff hopkins Lindenhurst, IL
3802 Mon Apr 30 17:56:49 EDT 2012 Daniel Heuer Windsor, CT
3801 Mon Apr 30 14:49:10 EDT 2012 Tim Coen Mass, OH
3800 Mon Apr 30 14:47:45 EDT 2012 Elena Lemmo Massillon, OH
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