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In a set of recent decisions, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against labels on meat, dolphin-safe labels on tuna, and the ban on sweet-flavored cigarettes designed to combat youth smoking. [Learn more]

These are the policies we rely on to allow us to protect children’s health and make informed decisions as consumers. Under current rules, the U.S. will have to water down or eliminate these policies, or face trade sanctions.

Take the pledge and stand up to the WTO's attack on our consumer rights.

Tell your friends and family to sign the pledge as well. The more names that sign on, the better chance we'll have of gaining the attention of the public, media, President Obama and Congress. We'll do our part to shine the spotlight on your terrific work. This is only the beginning of all of our efforts.

Sign the Consumer Rights Pledge:

In a matter of months, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against three popular U.S. consumer policies: our country-of-origin labels on meat; dolphin-safe tuna labels; and a ban on sweet-flavored cigarettes that were marketed to lure teens to start smoking.

Previously, we’ve seen this global commerce agency facilitate offshoring of jobs to low-wage countries and rule against a series of health and environmental laws around the world. Now the WTO has even ruled against consumers’ basic right to know where products come from and how they are produced.

Enough is enough!

When the WTO rules against a policy, countries are pressured to water down or eliminate their laws. Our government must not cave in and follow a WTO order to gut our laws, if necessary by eliminating any funding to make a WTO-ordered roll back possible.

I pledge NOT to support trade deals that include similar anti-consumer provisions.

I also pledge to alert my community and my elected representatives to the WTO attacks on our consumer policies.


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Number Date Name Location
3949 Tue Aug 26 11:44:42 EDT 2014 Elyse Elliott Aspen, CO
3948 Thu Aug 14 17:53:43 EDT 2014 Ann Guirao San Andreas, CA
3947 Thu Aug 14 15:09:57 EDT 2014 Elijah Morrison South Lake Tahoe, CA I am against WTO.
I am against WTO! !! !!! !!!!
3946 Sat Jun 28 11:23:03 EDT 2014 Thomas Wittbrodt Framingham, MA Our government and powerful commercial interests have joined with foreign powers to circumvent the US Laws that protect our rights. Apparently our supreme court is worse than we thought since they allow More....
3945 Fri Jun 27 22:42:13 EDT 2014 Susan Evans Walnut Creek, CA The WTO is not for the little people. The WTO is only for the interests of the Elite Billionaires behind the multi national corporations.
3944 Fri Jun 27 19:04:23 EDT 2014 Toni G San Juan Capistrano, CA
3943 Tue May 20 21:26:58 EDT 2014 JOSE ALARCON DELMAR, NY
3942 Sun Apr 13 13:56:12 EDT 2014 Albert and Patsy Cantrell Munising, MI
3941 Thu Feb 20 01:00:19 EST 2014 allen chazin kew gardens hills, NY
3940 Thu Feb 13 22:27:06 EST 2014 william gawne jr riverside, IL
3939 Thu Jan 23 21:50:41 EST 2014 Anonymous Los Angeles, CA
3938 Sat Jan 11 19:37:18 EST 2014 Anonymous Latham, IL
3937 Wed Oct 02 17:19:14 EDT 2013 Murray Hudson Dyersburg, TN If "Greed is Good", then I suppose "Power is Perfect" for those who lack morality, human compassion and any interior life. We pray for their enlightenment and conversion to belief in a just, free and caring More....
3936 Fri Jun 14 15:52:17 EDT 2013 Lynne Banta Irvine, CA
3935 Fri Jun 14 08:30:31 EDT 2013 Charles Niswander Allegan, MI World Trade Organization, Stop Interfering in Nation's Individual Sovereignity. You are not the Power, the People are the Power. The End.
3934 Wed Jun 12 19:27:39 EDT 2013 Larry Lima Campbell, CA
3933 Wed Jun 12 12:09:45 EDT 2013 Antonetta Khoury Natick, MA
3932 Mon Jun 10 18:21:08 EDT 2013 Stephen Spieckerman Waukesha, WI
3931 Mon Jun 10 16:29:06 EDT 2013 Linda Hegenbarth San Francisco, CA
3930 Mon Jun 10 16:00:00 EDT 2013 Andrea Poole Fayetteville, NC
3929 Mon Jun 10 12:15:11 EDT 2013 Barrie Stebbings Stinson Beach, CA
3928 Tue Jun 04 22:44:00 EDT 2013 Kenneth Bryan Arab, AL
3927 Tue Jun 04 22:44:00 EDT 2013 Kenneth Bryan Arab, AL
3926 Tue Jun 04 22:43:59 EDT 2013 Kenneth Bryan Arab, AL
3925 Tue Jun 04 01:50:58 EDT 2013 Thomas Rascon Miami, FL
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